Triple Add Set Workout

We all have a completely unique composition of our muscle tissue in our bodies. When you lift a weight your individual muscle fibers will be recruited from the various different types of muscle fibers we have in the muscle depending on the weight we are lifting.

The lighter the load lifted the more Type I muscle fibers will be used. When we lift a heavier weight then we will be recruiting more of the Type IIb muscle fibers. When we train with weights on a regular basis our muscles become more efficient at this recruitment process and your muscles fire up less and less new muscle fibers to lift the weight.

To increase the size of a muscle we need to train to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible. The problem is that the largest and strongest of our muscle fibers will fatigue very fast, which can be seen with our decreased rep speed towards the end of a set.

This problem can be easily solved by doing triple addd sets. First select a weight that you could do 10 to 14 reps with and then using perfect form lift the weight concentrically as fast as you can without reaching failure. You then rest for 30 seconds and repeat.

You then stop again for a 30 second rest and repeat one more time. After doing one triple add set you then rest for 180 seconds and repeat the entire triple sequence again. Terminating your training when you start to lose speed will allow you to focus more on the muscle fibers with the greatest potential to increase muscle size.

Training when your muscle fibers have reached the point of complete fatigue is simply a waste of time and energy. When you allow your training to let those fatigued muscle fibers recuperate you will achieve the maximum stimulus for continued muscle growth.

Below is a list of the three different muscle fibers found in every muscle we have in our bodies:

Type I muscle fibers are all the endurance-oriented fibers you have working primarily work in the higher rep ranges doing circuit or aerobic exercise.

Type IIa muscle fibers will be activated when the weight lifted is moderate-to-heavy. This muscle fiber type would be activated when a moderate rep range is used doing between 5 and 10 reps per set.

Type IIb muscle fibers are all your explosive muscle fibers that are called upon when lifting a heavy weight where explosiveness is needed.

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