Strategies for Successful Weight Gain

Firstly we must assume that the strategies for weight gain are not fat gain as this is easy. Anyone can add fat to their body by eating ice-cream and other calorie dense foods, but healthy weight gain means something else. Gaining weight in a sustainable long term manner means adding muscle which is 2.5 times heavier than fat, so you don't have to gain a lot of muscle to gain weight.

When training with weights for the first time it is vitally important that you get someone to show you the different movements so that you know and understand what perfect from is, how to execute this movement correctly. The next step is selecting what you eat correctly.

Let's say that you want a 300 calorie meal during your day as you start off with your new weight-training routine. You can choose to take in 300 calories by downing half a liter of cranberry juice or you could take in 1/2 cup of blueberries with a cup of Greek yogurt and 2 tablespoons of flaxseed.

The important antioxidants, proteins, carbs and good quality fat you get from the second choice will immediately help your body to repair from the last weight training workout that you did. The advantage of good quality nutritious food is that the calories will not be stored as fat but rather used in speeding up repair and metabolism.

Your food choices will dictate the quality of the weight you put on and selecting bad quality calorie dense foods like burger and fries only increases the fat that you deposit. If you get into the habit of selecting foods that are still unprocessed but denser in calories, you should select starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes or peas and corn it will not increase fat but will be utilized by your body to help build muscle.

Fat is a vitally important part of health because without fat your body is unable to function correctly, you need to consume the correct fat which is called Monounsaturated fats. Stay away from all trans fats and saturated fats. Adding olive oil to your choice of food improves the taste and always does more good than harm.

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