The Steroid Bible by Steve Gallaway

The Steroid Bible written by Steve Gallaway has been on the market since 1997 and many people were extremely relieved when this book finally hit the market, as they thought it would bring some sort of closure to the long debated steroid issue.

The problem is that the all-important side effects are not listed in any great detail in the book. It is great at giving the pharmaceutical action or the pharma-kinetics on the steroids but very little explanation on side effects. The knowledge on how the specific steroid you are interested works is invaluable, but an important opportunity was lost when the book was published.

If the book could have been published with information on comparable non-steroid alternatives it would be a lot more valuable. Although the knowledge on how the specific steroid you might be interested in works might be extremely valuable, the fact that details on the side effects are missing makes this book just a reference book on the pharmaceutical action of steroids.

The book certainly covers all the popular steroids but does not cover any steroid alternatives plus it misses a great opportunity to tell the complete story on the drug. For example information on how and why the drug was first discovered and how the side effects have changed over time.

The fact that the long list of popular steroids listed does not include the severe warnings on side effects, which can often be fatal, makes this a book only tell half the story. The FDA (federal drug administration) has clearly stated their reasons for banning any specific steroid.

Unless you specifically plan to enter the illegal world of steroids with all the required diuretics and other pharmaceuticals needed to hide the steroid from testers when competing, then this expensive book at $300 is simply not worth it. Better results will be given by new, highly effective natural steroid replacements that won't cause serious health problems or even send you to an eairly grave, like has happened to many pro bodybuilders..

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