Muscle Building Steroid Alternatives

When it comes to building strength and gaining muscle mass with the help of anabolic steroids, profession bodybuilding for decades have Dianabol and Deca Durabolin, as one of the best muscle size steroid cycles ever. And while these do work and work well, they also are illegal, have some bad side effects and you will lose most or all of you gains once you stop taking them. For these reasons, we do not endorse anabolic steroid use, so we will be discussing the two most successful safe and legal steroid altenatives.

Andro Shock Dianabol Alternative

When Andro supplements were officially banned in 2004 bodybuilders thought they would never see something similar again, but they were wrong. The release of Andro Shock comes very close to the miraculous results seen from taking Andro supplements ten years ago, but with less likelyhood of side effects.

A safer and believe it or not more effective formula has now been created that contains not one banned substance in it. This has been a major leap forward for anyone interested in gaining muscle without resorting to steroids. This stack contains 10 different legal supplements designed to boost your own testosterone production.

These 10 different supplements have been combined to create a synergistic end result, which means that the action of all 10 supplements acting together are able to enhance the affect, giving a better result than if these supplements were taken individually.

Ecdy Bolin Deca Durabolin Alternative

The second muscle building steroid alternative is Ecdysterone that was first discovered in Russia in the late 1980's. They proved that a positive nitrogen balance in the body could be achieved with ecdysterone that is somehow able to help improve hepatic protein synthesis.

In a very well publicized study S. Simakin showed that a combination of Ecdysterone with protein achieved an average of 10% fat loss and a 7% muscle gain in only 10 days, which sounded too good to be true. Farther studies showed similar results but not as dramatic.

The point is that one would be a fool to resort to taking steroids with all the serious and often permanent side effects, if natural herbal supplements achieve better results.

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