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   right now with The Secrets of Mail Order Steroid Success 2011 Edition. This is the only steroid-shopping guide you'll ever need! Find anything you want to achieve the ideal physique, saving money and not getting caught!
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Your guide to buy anabolic steroids for bodybuilding! Secrets 2011 ranks and reviews all of the BEST domestic and international anabolic steroid sources -- (the ones the pros use to buy steroids.)
Secrets 2011 explains how to use the latest Internet technology to hunt down new leads -- (so you can buy steroids and keep out of trouble.)

Secrets 2011 is filled with addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and web sites - (where you can get what you want!)

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From the desk of...
George Spellwin
217 West 18th Street #1264
New York, NY 10113-1264

Dear friend and fellow athlete,

Like most athletes, you probably fall into 1 of 3 categories:

  • You want to buy steroids -- but can't find them.
  • You found steroids -- but got burned.
  • You will buy steroids -- and you will get burned.
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At Elite, we have created a new category with athletes like you in mind -- athletes like you who DO buy steroids and who DON'T get burned. We're doing it with our new eBook, The Secrets Of Mail-Order Steroid Success: 2011 Edition. Secrets is instantly available for your reference ... your empowerment ... and to help you achieve a perfect physique!

My name is George Spellwin and I'm the research director for Elite Fitness and author of the definitive online guide to buying anabolic steroids and staying out of trouble. With my eBook The Secrets Of Mail-Order Steroid Success: 2011 Edition, you'll go beyond your genetic limits, achieving the ideal physique you've always wanted, save money, and keep out of trouble doing it!

Printed, this eBook is more than 180 pages long -- loaded with complete contact information for over 40 suppliers and crammed with names of scammers you need to avoid. This is the exact same underground source information that my clients who sign up for my three day seminar "Underground Growth Explosion and Muscular Transformation" pay $1,700 apiece to learn. In fact, last month, 67 athletes, paid $1,700 plus hotel and airfare each to take my seminar. But you can get all the same inside information on buying steroids and staying out of trouble that I present in my seminar just by investing in the online Secrets 2011 eBook -- and for a fraction of the cost.

As the Research Director of Elite Fitness since 1995, every month I hear from many of the quarter-million visitors that come to our site each and every month. They share their amazing successes and their miserable failures - letting me know who can be trusted and who must be avoided. The eBook, Secrets 2010, is the result of my own exhaustive study of different steroid sources as well as interviews with sympathetic law-enforcement officers -- many of them steroid users themselves. This eBook is my way of sharing all this information with you, exclusively and immediately.

Read on, and I'll tell you how to save 40% on the price of Secrets 2010, plus get the latest Secret 2011 source list updated on January 8, 2011 and get four free Underground bonus reports valued at over $150 when you place your order in the next 72 hours.

But first, here's a sneak preview of what's inside:

SUPPLIER SECRETS: No scammers here! This is the first and most extensive section of Secrets 2010 ... and the most accurate and exhaustive directory of mail-order steroid sources ANYWHERE! This hot list of over 40 LEGITIMATE sources around the world, catering to American athletes, is truly news you can use to buy steroids. Not a dead e-mail address or web link in sight! Updated January 8, 2011!

LEGAL SECRETS: Knowledge you need to protect your butt: The specific US laws governing anabolic steroids, plus instructions for finding the steroid laws of other countries as well. Learn the inner working of the agencies responsible for steroid-law enforcement (the FDA and US Customs)! Learn the actual substances banned from importation to the US by the FDA and how to cover your tracks if you try! Learn what prompts US Customs to search an international delivery ... and how to prevent this!

DEALER AND DOCTOR SECRETS: View a sample black-market "menu" complete with product names and street prices! Learn about legitimate medical conditions for which anabolic steroids are prescribed as treatment. (Guess what, You can fake some of them!) Read how to successfully manipulate blood tests to make you eligible for testosterone replacement therapy - legally! (Remember: If you qualify, you can buy steroids from the pharmacy and your health insurance may even cover the tab!)

VACATION SECRETS: Learn the best places to visit to easily buy steroids -- in Mexico and all over the globe -- and what you're likely to find once you're there. Find out what to look for, how to avoid counterfeit steroids and the bogus pharmacies who prey on American athletes, and more! And for getting back home, this must-read section reveals what tips off Customs agents -- and what you can do to sail right across the border.

SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL DOMESTIC MAIL ORDER: Here's everything you need to know to buy steroids from "middleman" operations. (You don't know what a "middleman" operation is? Then you REALLY need this eBook!)

SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL MAIL ORDER: Learn why proper packaging dramatically improves your odds of receiving what you paid for when you buy steroids! Plus: Instructions on how to safely send packages to yourself! Directions to successfully receive shipments from mail-order suppliers! Read how to accept packages (so you get what you ordered) and how NOT to accept them (so the DEA doesn't come knocking)! And what to do not to incriminate yourself at your front door!

SECRETS OF REMAINING ANONYMOUS: You'd think Internet transactions are anonymous. Well, think again! Learn to establish anonymous e-mail accounts -- and send and receive e-mail without being traced! Plus, learn the secrets of anonymous remailers, who can scramble your messages and send them through multiple servers until it becomes impossible to find out that you who sent the original message. (Free tip: Hotmail and other web-based e-mail services are NOT anonymous!)

TECHNOLOGY SECRETS, PART 1 -- PGP: This is a special computer program that uses an encryption algorithm to scramble your e-mail message so completely that they becomes impossible to read. Parties intercepting your e-mail messages will only see meaningless random letters and numbers, but the intended recipient will receive your e-mail in its original form. Learn how to get it -- and use it -- for free! Plus, you'll learn about a newer version that can encrypt your entire hard drive.

TECHNOLOGY SECRETS, PART 2 - COOKIES: If you still don't think you need this eBook, search your own hard drive for "cookies." When you find the file, open it in your web browser. Chances are that you'll find invasive "cookie" files, slipped onto your hard drive without your knowledge and sending information about you back to their owner's server every time you go on-line. Our report shows you how to remove cookies and format your web browser so that you're alerted every time a server tries to slip one through. Maintain your privacy!

PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY CONTACT INFORMATION: You'll be astounded at how much steroid information pharmaceutical companies will provide right over the phone - and on their corporate web sites - for free! We list all the contact information you'll need to try it yourself!

FDA DOCUMENTATION: Here it is, in one butt-saving section! First, the FDA's pharmaceutical personal-import policy. Then, view the FDA's revised list (as of January 8, 2010, 66 foreign mail-order sources that have been placed on official alert)!

PLUS: Much, more!

If you take advantage of this offer in the next 72 hours, you'll immediately get access to this amazing new eBook to staying IN supply - and OUT of trouble. You'll instantly receive access to The Secrets Of Mail-order Success: 2011 Edition eBook. And as part of this special offer good for the next 72 hours only, all you'll pay is $124.97 -- a 40% savings off the regular price of $208.29 and you get the latest Secret 2011 source list updated - January 8, 2011. But you must act now.

Here's more. If you invest in The Secrets Of Mail-order Success: 2011 Edition eBook in the next 72 hours, you'll also receive the following four incredible, Underground bonus eReports valued at over $150 each, for free. You get all of the following:

A complete reference list of anabolic steroids with generic and trade names! Know what to ask for by exact brand or pharmaceutical name. (Each country calls steroids differently -- but with this reference list, that won't stop you!) A $29 value -- yours free for the next 72 hours.

The bonus guide "The Ten Most Common Errors Made with Anabolic Steroids and Performance Enhancement Drugs." (A very important report if you want to avoid other people's mistakes!) A $29 value, yours free for the next 72 hours.

Sample price lists from 5 different legitimate international mail-order operations! A $29 value, yours free for the next 72 hours.

The gains-keeper's formula! What good are steroid gains if you lose them right away? This report will show you all the techniques the pro's use to keep over 85% of the gains you worked so hard for on a steroid cycle. A $69 value, yours free for the next 72 hours.

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