Is it Safe to Buy Steroids on the Internet

Most people who use steroids buy through mail order for obvious reasons. Having no face to face contact with the person selling an illegal substance seems to generate more interest. It goes without saying that any seller of steroids with a fancy website that you purchase through mail order will offer no guarantee that you will get what you paid for.

There is also no guarantee that what you get will be real, many sell counterfit stroids that at best don;'t work anbd at worst can hurt you bad. Also your steroids can be held up by the authorities and tracked to the point where you sign for them. Steroids through mail order gives one a false sense of security as you think there is no address associated with your purchase, but it can still be tracked and if you get busted with steroids the consequences can be devastating.

The only truly safe way to purchase steroids is with a script from your doctor. Unfortunately even if you do have low testosterone levels the script will usually not be enough to get good results but at least it is not illegal.

There have been many stories of some new steroid user telling all his friends about the new steroid program he is on and the next thing he lands up in jail because everyone knew he was taking steroids. All forms of steroids are illegal which means that holding them on your person will land you in jail if you get caught.

If you live anywhere in America the United States federal law states that anabolic androgenic steroids are controlled substances. This means illegal to use, to possess or to distribute without a license. If you are aware of the risks in the USA and you get caught with steroids the consequences will be your own fault.

There are countless cases of steroids exchanging hands captured on video camera, which eventually lands up in court and the so-called "friend" who was helping you purchase steroids turns out to be working for undercover cops. This "friend" did this because he himself got busted and this is the only way to get a more lenient sentence.

Purchasing steroids via mail order online does not protect you at all. Getting connected to a steroid supplier via forums or postings on the internet is just stupid. The authorities are constantly monitoring this and in America one cannot argue the Fourth and or the Fourteenth Amendments to show the right to privacy, the Internet message board or forum is not private so you will not have a leg to stand on in court.

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