ASN Humagro HGH Booster

By Bodybuilding Science

At first I was very skeptical about ASN's Humagro. Any product that claimed to contain Human Growth Hormone that wasn’t a couple thousand dollars is usually just plain bogus. The cheapest HGH I know of is Jintropin from China, and even that will run you a grand or so. The difference is that ASN's Humagro contains a different chemical, Homeopathic Growth Hormone 4C, and not the highly expensive, unstable, and difficult to produce injectable pharmaceutical version. So the main question of this review is what is Homeopathic Growth Hormone 4C and how does it compare in effectiveness to standard HGH?

I was able to find patent information about "Homeopathic preparations of purified growth hormone" (Patent number: 6239105). Though I am not positive this patent is for the chemical used in Humagro, it was issued in 2001 and has many similarities to the product. Among the numerous claims in this patent is a concentration of purified growth hormone of 1 x 10-6 Molar, which is near the FDA allowed maximum for the amount of growth hormone that can be sold over the counter. The patent also claims that the product is "a method for modulating IGF-1 levels in serum" and "a method for modulating lean body mass". It goes on to make many claims about purity and other such items. So how does this compare to standard HGH?

Humagro is a homeopathic remedy. These types of remedies are prepared through a process called potentization, which involves a series of dilutions. It is important pharmaceutically because it reduces risk of chemical toxicity while activating a remedy substance and increasing its effect on the body. There is little to no published research on the effects of homeopathic growth hormone on healthy individuals but it has shown to be helpful in AIDs wasting and dwarfism. It is not unlikely that it would have similar muscle and possible height boosting effects on healthy individuals. Although this product is not as potent as injectable HGH, you should still take safety precautions when using this substance and know the possible benefits and risks of human growth hormone supplementation.

In appropriate dosages under medical supervision, HGH can have the following benefits:
Decreased Body fat
Increased Lean Muscle Tissue
Increased Energy
Increased Immune Modulation
Increased Sexual Performance / Libido
Increased Cardiac Output
Increased Skin Elasticity
Increased Bone Density
Increased Healing Rate

However, in inappropriate dosages (several IU a day), there are many risks:
High Blood Pressure
Chronic Joint Pain
Insulin Resistance
Increased Risk of Diabetes
Acromegaly (Increased Jaw and Finger Bone Thickness)
Pituitary Shrinkage or Shutdown
Organ Damage
Increased Risk of Certain Cancers

While many of these side effects are related to long term and obscene overuse of injectable HGH, it is unlikely that one would experience the majority of these symptoms when sticking to proper dosages or when using an over the counter, oral HGH supplement as they do not contain high dosages of pure HGH.

If you are serious about HGH supplementation its best to pay a visit to your doctor or local life extension clinic so you can be monitored by a physician. Jintropin can be shipped from China but you will still end up paying thousands of dollars for a years supply. If you don't have a couple grand laying around to blow on supplements or you just want to test the waters with homeopathic growth hormone, then ASN's Humagro is a good place to start. Don't expect the amazing gains promised by injectable HGH, but you can expect some results.

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