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The Pumping Station offers Two different Diet Program downloads, the first is Heart Smart which is a custom diet and nutrition program for healthy eating. The second is from Champion Nutrition which is a download for pre contest Bodybuilders to get them in the best shape possible. Whichever one you choose make sure your computer meets all the requirements needed to run the program.

FACT: Most Dieters Fail  Because They Make Mistakes

1. They Don't Have a Good Incentive to Lose Weight
2. They Don't Have a Weight Loss Target
3. They Don't Have the Patience to be Slim
4. They Don't Choose a Healthy Diet Program
5. They Don't Follow Their Diet Program Properly
6. They Allow Themselves to Go Hungry 
7. They Do Not Plan For 'Bad Days'
8. They Don't Take Enough Exercise
9. They Are Not Prepared to Take Control

Download now and see how to lose weight

  Download our Heart Smart how to lose weight software right now and see for yourself - it's the software program that will help you lose weight. You get tons of info on how you're doing, advice on how to do better, and support when you need it. 

Heart Smart weight loss program will show you how to lose weight. And how to keep it off.
Whether you're on a diet that's low calorie or low carb or low fat,
Heart Smart lose weight will help you succeed.

Start using the Heart Smart lose weight program right now

You can download Heart Smart lose weight program right now and try it out for free.
It's easy to use and fun to use and you will weigh less tomorrow.



Custom Diet & Nutrition Program

Download Requirements: IBM compatable-386 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher, Un-Zip Program.Click on the HEART to download, un-zip and click on Install.exe to run.


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