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The amino acid, Glutamine, has become more prominent as new studies reveal its unique contribution to protein synthesis (muscle growth), anti-proteolytic (prevents muscle tissue breakdown) functions and growth hormone elevating effects.

Glutamine is the most abundant single amino acid in the blood and in the intracellular free amino acid pool (most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue). It comprises 61% of the amino acid pool in skeletal muscle. Glutamine's unique structure, containing two nitrogen side chains, consists of 19% nitrogen - making it the primary transporter of nitrogen into the muscle cell. In fact, glutamine alone is responsible for 35% of the nitrogen that gets into the muscle cell. Glutamine literally drives muscle building nitrogen into the muscle cell where it is synthesized for growth.

Glutamine concentrations fall markedly after training and remain low until complete recovery. What this means is, the very rigors of weight training leak nitrogen carrying glutamine from muscle tissue. This fall in glutamine is catabolic to muscle tissue. Supplementing with glutamine spares free glutamine in muscle tissue, counteracts the fall in muscle protein synthesis, and improves nitrogen balance.

The Basics: Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid, representing 60% of the amino acid pool in muscles. Research reveals that the following benefits are associated with glutamine:

How to Take: The most important times to supplement with glutamine are 30 minutes before your workout and immediately afterwards. Take 5 to 10 grams at these times. Also, to make sure your glutamine levels are continuously high, creating an anabolic condition in the muscles, take an additional 5 to 10 grams upon awaking and right before bedtime.

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