Fat Loss Exercise and Diet Plan

When you make a commitment to a fat-loss and exercise diet plan you need to think of it as a lifestyle change and not just a diet. Achieving short term objectives is going to be the key to your success but nevertheless the rewards are not immediately measurable.

It takes time and practice to learn how to perform an exercise correctly and to learn how to eat every 3 hours during your day. It comes from planning ahead and keeping a dairy, it is a lifestyle change. Below are a few key points that every fat-loss diet and exercise plan needs to have.

Eat less calories than you are body is accustomed to

If you are doing any exercise while in a calorie deficit your body gets the extra energy it needs by burning fat. Food choices are important but learning to count calories will help you fine tune your diet to achieve any body-fat content you wish.

The math is simple, an average guy during exercise would burn about 18 calories per pound of total bodyweight or more in one day. Simply work out your daily calorie consumption and then reduce it to 14 or 16 pounds per pound only on your workout days and 12 pounds per pound bodyweight on days you donít train.

Stop eating all fried foods

Stop fried foods in any form, avoid eating the skin of chicken, eat only lean meats like flank and always only eat good fats like nuts and avocados. By simply halving your daily carbohydrate intake you will put yourself into a calorie deficit.

Eating more than four times a day

Eating every 2 or 3 hours will speed up your metabolism so you are burning more calories even when you are sleeping.

Only eat complex carbohydrates

The only time eating any simple carbohydrate like white bread instead of whole-wheat bread is acceptable will be post-workout where the depleted muscle glycogen levels should be replenished as soon as possible. Otherwise for any fat-loss diet one should only eat less than 2 grams of complex carbs per pound of bodyweight.

Eat more protein

Protein should be around 1.2 grams per pound of body-weight because digesting protein uses up a lot more calories than carbs plus it helps to speed up metabolism. Complete proteins build muscle through a process called protein synthesis which requires all 9 essential amino acids found in each protein molecule.

Be aware of fat

You need to be highly selective when eating fat on a fat-loss diet. The fat you get should come from olive oil, nuts and avos and nothing else. Fat is double the caloric value of protein and should be around 20% of daily calorie value. Fat slows down metabolism and clogs your arteries so you need to always be aware of hidden fats when on a fat-loss diet.

Exercise should be done daily

To see fat-loss quickly you should exercise with high intensity every day for half hour. If you exercise with a high intensity without overtraining you will speed up your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and burn more calories for up to 72 hours after a tough workout. It boosts testosterone and helps to build muscle and lose fat faster.

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