Explosive Reps Workout

Explosive repetitions or plyometric training is when you are trying to push the weight you have selected after using 2 or even 3 seconds to eccentrically lower the weight. The objective is to use everything you have got to push the bar back using a concentric move as fast as possible.

Being able to bench-press 500 pounds when you cannot climb a flight of stairs can be solved by doing explosive reps so that you are able to generate the force required to perform any action for a limited period. This is done by training using plyometrics.

The following workout would be a good plyometric workout, it can easily be done at home, if you have a medicine ball and barbell with some weight. If the following workout was done three times a week you would definitely see a difference in muscle and strength growth.

Box jump:

Sets: 3 X 5 reps

Stand next to a box that is at least 15 inches high and bending your knees you jump as high as you can, landing on the box. Always bend your knees when you land on the box to prevent the shock of the force landing on the box from causing any damage, then step back and repeat.

Clapping Push-up:

Sets: 3 X 5 reps

Using good form do a normal push-up on your knees or on your toes with both hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Slowly lower your chest to the ground and when you are an inch away you then press upwards as fast as you can, clap your hands together and land with bent elbows back where you started.

Kettlebell Swing:

Sets: 3 X 5-8 reps

Standing with your feet about the width of your hips. Grab your kettlebell using both hands and keeping both your knees only slightly bent with your arms straight. Using your hips, you then swing the kettlebell between your legs into an arc as you swing the kettlebell back down and repeat the motion.

Medicine Ball; Squat to Toss:

Sets: 3 X 5-8 reps

Holding the medicine ball under your chin with your feet hip width apart, you then lower down into a full squat. Driving through your heels you then push explosively upwards out of the squat while you toss the ball over your head and catch it as you slowly lower back down to the squatting position you started at.

Hang Clean:

Sets: 4 X 3-5 reps

This is an advanced technique done with a barbell and knees only slightly bent. Gripping the barbell with an overhand grip you then explosively pushing through your ankles, your knees and your hips you then drive the barbell upwards as you shrug and rotate your elbows underneath the barbell to catch it in the front squat position and then repeat.


Sets: 4 X 3-5 reps

With a barbell on your shoulders standing in the front squat position, with arms parallel to the floor you then dip downwards into a partial squat position. You then simultaneously drive the bar upwards while you push yourself under the barbell balancing the barbell overhead.

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