Commercial Gym Equipment Revew

Commercial gym equipment is different to less expensive home gym equipment simply because it is designed and manufactured to last a lot longer and withstand more abuse than home gym equipment. When you walk into any decent gym you will no doubt see a wide range of different weight training equipment and machinery.

It needs to be stressed that gyms have changed a lot in the last 40 years where guys like Arnold and Franco would train on concrete floors so that they could drop the weights and crack the concrete without any complaint from management, but those days have changed.

Bodybuilders are a very small percentage of gym goers but gym management knows very well that the quality and extent of weight training equipment available is usually the reason why people sign up with them. The gym industry has over 75% attrition rate and they know most people will drop out after 3 months and stop using the gym.

Generally the quality of the commercial gym equipment on the floor will indicate the care and maintenance that the equipment gets on a regular basis, unless it is a new gym that has just opened. The barbell should be straight and if you are a bodybuilder you will be looking for Olympic bars, collars and plenty of neatly stacked weights.

If you are ultimately only interested in bodybuilding then you should also take a look at what type of machines the gym has and what condition this equipment is in. Even though a bodybuilder will more than likely only use free weights, the machinery the gym has will tell you a lot about the type of gym you might be joining.

Gym equipment has become big business since the fitness boom started and the three top weight training companies in the USA have all turning over between $30 and $50 million dollars a year. Companies like Precor are at the top of this list in earnings followed by LifeFitness and StarTrac.

As someone who is specifically interested in bodybuilding it would be better suited to take a look in the weight training room looking for power racks, squats racks and Smith machines that have all the required attachments required. Kettlebbells and the range of dumbbells the gym has will also tell you a lot about the type of gym you are in.

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