Weight Loss Diet Tips for Bodybuilding

The idea of weight-loss and going on a diet is something that will usually only get in the way of any permanent results you might get from going on a diet. Simply because the word diet means that it is something you start and something you stop and when you stop you will put on all the weight you lost on the diet when you resume your normal eating pattern.

If you are training with weights on a regular basis you should not be concerned with weight-loss but to rather think of fat-loss. Losing fat comes from a change in eating habits like not eating fried foods. Muscle is 2.5 times heavier than fat so any muscle you add will add to your total bodyweight.

With the above in mind the following "diet tips" have been deliberately selected to insure that the effort you put into your new way of eating will get the results that you are looking for.

Put away the scale.

Portion control is eating 2 appetizers instead of eating an entree and not eating any bread if you have pasta.

Always keep fruit at work to get through the need for sugar in the afternoon.

Keep a chocolate shake protein powder handy to mix with water when you feel hungry.

Avoid liquid calories.

Always try to eat protein, complex carbs and good quality fat every 3-4 hours.

Eat Whole Foods because the less food is processed the slower it will take to fully digest keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Don't stop eating your favorite foods, indulgence once a week will not affect your fat-loss goals and will keep you motivated.

Have Realistic Expectations as a pound of fat is 3,500 calories and the ONLY way you are going to lose it is to eat less calories or burn more calories, it will not happen overnight.

Plan your day before leaving home. If you think of the 3 to 6 meals you are going to eat before you leave home you will avoid falling into the trap of grabbing a calorie dense alternative to satisfy your hunger.

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