Weight Loss Diet Information for Bodybuilders

Weight loss is a confusing term for any bodybuilder because it invariably means muscle loss as any "weight" lost will be in the form of fat, muscle and water. Any decent "weight-loss" diet should be fixed to be a fat-loss diet and that simply means that you do not and should not go on a "diet".

The word diet implies that you will stick to this diet until you have reached your goal and then go back to the same eating habits that created the need for a fat-loss diet in the first place. The chances of you getting more fat than when you first started on this low-fat diet are very good.

This well-documented phenomenon is called "body-fat overshooting," and has shown in numerous studies to be the main cause of new fat cells being formed actually increasing the total body-fat over a few years, if this yo-yo type dieting continues.

The answer to fat loss is a change of lifestyle where you prepare (think ahead) of your meals for the day before you leave home. Some new fancy diet will not get you the permanent fat-loss you're looking for, it comes from changing your eating habits like NEVER eating junk or fried foods, or only once a week but no more than that.

Ideally the objective with any effective fat-loss is to eat 5 or 6 times a day and the only way that is going to happen is by planning ahead before you leave home, unless you work at home. Slow and/or complex carbs together with high protein and well selected low fats is the only way to ensure permanent fat loss.

The objective of any good fat-loss program will be to use more calories than you put in. Eating more often helps to speed up your metabolism however the quality of the food you eat is what will get you any success at fat-loss. Eating junk food 6 times a day will only get you fat 6 times faster than you normally would.

The quality of the carbohydrates you eat will be directly proportional to the fat-loss success you have. If you eat unprocessed slow or complex carbs they will use up to 30% of the calories they contain just to get fully digested. Your protein is vitally important if you are doing any type of weight training, so you also need to take a close look at when you eat protein.

The 90 minute window for getting good quality protein into your system is an important part so take care in planning your post-workout meal, even if it is just whey powder mixed in a protein drink. The quality of the fat you eat is just as important so stay away from saturated fats and all trans-fat.

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