Three Bodybuilding Fat Loss Tips

A fat-loss diet is NOT a weight-loss diet you don't want to lose any hard earned muscle while losing fat. Going on a severe calorie restriction is only going to get you results for a week or two before you start losing muscle. The most important aspect of any good fat-loss diet is to not starve your-self.

Increasing cardio to burn more calories will only burn muscle after a few weeks of fat loss as your body gets used to operating on less calories and goes catabolic. You need to lose fat slow and steady by dropping the total calories you consume by 100 or 200 calories and no more.

The answer is to train without taking in carbohydrates which may seem a bit drastic but you will be forcing your muscles to use fat to replenish the lost glycogen. It will definitely affect the energy you have when you train so drinking amino acids during this tough workout will help.

Green tea helps to speed up fat-loss and it is highly recommended that you try get into the habit of having at least one cup of Green Tea every day. If you are using the low carb training it is strongly recommended that you also include two high carb days during your week.

Low carb training is tough as it affects your Leptin levels that will increase hunger and slow down your metabolism making you feel miserable. Carbs release the all-important feel good hormone called serotonin to keep you motivated so it is important to have a "cheat meal" before your workout every second or third day.

Sleep is vitally important in any fat-loss endeavor because without enough sleep your insulin sensitivity will start to decrease and this will mean that your pancreas will push out more of this fat storing hormone out into the bloodstream. Together with the muscle cells already starved of any glucose, you will have lousy workouts.

Increasing your protein intake will increase the calories you burn every hour by increasing the thermogenic effect and reduce any hunger pangs you might be getting from the reduced carb intake. When eating 100 calories protein 20 or 30 calories will be used to break the 100 calories of up.

To sum up the three most important tips when going on any fat-loss diet and exercise plan are:

Train on zero or minimal carbohydrates

Eat 10% to 20% more protein

Sleep an extra hour to avoid eating at night

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