San Nutrition OX

SAN OX is certainly an innovative product that is specifically formulated to increase vasodilation in the muscles. It might sound a bit strange but this product which contains 3 grams of Citrulline-Malate will significantly increase the blood flow (vasodilation) in working muscles.

Probably not designed specifically for competitive bodybuilders, but they will certainly be using it to get a serious pump before going onstage. Most users report a dramatic difference in the "pump" they get when training while taking this product.

When you take this product you will quickly see and feel a dramatic increase in the blood flow which invariably saturates the muscles completely. But this innovative product does more than that as it will also increase both your strength and endurance when taking this product.

Without going into the specific details on exactly how the product works, it will also dramatically improve the absorption of any protein needed. This will result in a measured decrease in the recovery time needed. If you compare the total recovery time required before and after taking SAN OX you will notice a big difference.

Similar to creatine or BCAAs and glutamine, SAN OX offers a natural way to help speed up recovery times. This decrease in recovery time will directly affect the speed at which you are able to add muscle. Decreased recovery time is why most bodybuilders take steroids, so this is a wonderful steroid replacement supplement.

It should be noted by anyone wishing to take this product to read the warning labels as any underlying heart condition will not take this supplement easily so it is best to get a doctors permission to use the product if you are any chronic blood pressure medication.

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