MRI NO2 Supplement

You have no doubt heard about Nitric Oxide (NO) and the range of benefits that it gives when you are pumping iron on a regular basis. There are countless supplements that you can now purchase that say that it contains Nitric Oxide which do not get the same effect as the original product which started the race for NO products and that was MRI NO Platinum.

MRI continues to innovate and lead the industry to the next step in maximizing nitric oxide utilization. The new MRI NO2 supplement they have released improves on the previous supplement they released quite substantially. The new Full Cycle Nitric Oxide Optimizer goes a step farther.

It takes the muscle a step farther when exercising as the vasodilation that it facilitates will help to sustain peak power while delaying the onset of any muscle fatigue.

Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) enzymes are the very specific enzymes used as "factories" where raw materials like L-Arginine are converted into effective cell signaling NO molecules. MRI who first released Nitric Oxide onto the market, continue to improve their product.

The new Black full cycle has Nitric Oxide Precursors and Nitric Oxide up-regulators that research show is able to increase protein synthesis in the muscles, as well as to buffer against the formulation of the catabolic enzyme Arginase. This new formula will help take your workouts to the next level.

This new formula has a 5 new nitric oxide-amplifying pathways added to it that increases the Nitric Oxide metabolized by 1250%. It is able to induce the performance of nitric oxide on 4 different fronts; feeding, activating as well as protecting the muscle.

It does this by firstly activating the L-Arginine precursor and the L-Citrulline which effectively "feeds" more L-Arginine directly into the NO - production matrix. Secondly it supplies the premium resources needed for any NO conversion to happen which studies have identified to be the "high-octane" base that fuels all NO conversion.

The third front where NO is increased is with L-Norvaline that is able to combat all Arginine-altering enzymes that prevent all NO fuel reserves from being destroyed. Nitric Oxide is an advanced hemodilator and makes a big difference to muscle growth according to various studies done on nitric oxide and muscle bioenergetics.

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