3 Days per week Workouts / Routines

3 Days per week 

Weight Training Workouts & Weight Lifting Routines

Weight Training Workouts & Weight Lifting Routines

Looking for a workout that is customized to exactly what you want? This Workout Database contains hundreds of categorized workouts that you can search using the simple form below! Thanks to Bodybuilding.com for the workout information

These are all 3 days per week full body routines that are good for all level trainers, Beginners - Intermediates - Advanced and are all printable


Intro To High Intensity Training   A Good Beginner's Routine Full Body Beginner's Routine Beginner's - 3 Days Per Week    Baseball Off-Season Program

All-Around Athlete Program

MuscleMag's 3-Day  Routine Beginner Workout Routine #3 3-Day Workout For Muscle Gains!    Baseball Pre-Season Program
Cycling Off-Season Program Boxing Year Round Program Basketball Pre-Season Program Basketball Off-Season Program    Baseball In-Season Program
Cycling In-Season Program Golf Off-Season Program Brick's 3-Dayer Beginner Level Routine #2

    3-Day Hardcore Workout

Workout For Muscle Gains Beginner Level Routine Beginner Level Routine #4 Beginning Bodybuilding Workout Beginning Workout Program B
Muscle Workout A Football Strength Program Razor Sharp Training 2 Killer Training Killer Training II
Intermediate Specialization Routine Growth Accelerator Workout Off Season Bodybuilding Workout Strength And Mass For Athletes! Off Season Workout
Baseball Strength Training Workout For Rugby Players Intermediate Split Routine Growth Accelerator Workout TOTAL Beginner Program #2
TOTAL Beginner Program Diesel - 3 Days  For Max Growth TOTAL Beginner Program #3 Mega Massive Gains Workout 3 Day K.I.S.S. Workout
3-Day Split Routine For Definition 3 Day All-Around Basic Workout Strength And Endurance 3 Day Circuit Training Workout Cutting Workout
3 Day Circuit Training Workout 2 3 Day Circuit Training Workout #3 3 Day Circuit Training Workout #4 3 Day Circuit Training Workout #5 3 Day Circuit Training Workout #6
3 Day Circuit Training Workout #7 3 Day Circuit Training Workout #8 3 Day Circuit Training Workout #9 3 Day Circuit Workout #10 3 Day Circuit Workout #11
3 Day Circuit Training Workout #12 Full Body Intro Program 3-Day Workout For Mass 3 Day Split Workout, Low Volume Rugby Workout
The Real Basics Amb Strength Building Workout Dinosaur Deadlift Program Strength Full Body Workout
3 Day  Those With Back Problems 3 Day Strength And Mass Builder Those With Back Problems  #2 Off-Season Defensive Back Massive Intensity
Ultra-Mass Training Heavy Intensity Italian Mass Training Ultra-heavy Training Pre-Season Sprinter Workout
3-Way For Mass Gains Natural Training 3 3-Day Workout For Mass Workout For Mass 2 Hard Gainer Routine
Full body Massive Intensity 3 Day Strength Program Pure Strength Compound 3 Day Split Power Routines
3-Day Split For Intermediates Direct-Indirect Training Basic Mass Building HIT Training Power-building
Good Pump 3 Days A Week 3 Day Bulking Split 7 - 7 - 7 Strength And Mass Back To Basics Routine


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