The Zig Zag Diet Plan

The Zig Zag Diet Plan brings home years of study plus a whole lot of claims from commercial weight-loss fads that always include a wide range of options ranging from medical (drugs) therapies, psychological strategies, nutritional supplements, surgical techniques, calorie restriction and other therapeutic modalities.

However, you can mix it up, science can now prove that you simply can't lose fat if you don't eat negative calories. That means eating less calories than you burn on a daily basis. You also cannot gain muscle without eating positive calories, this means eating more calories than you burn.

The Zig Zag diet plan teaches us how to lose fat and to gain muscle at the same time by alternating your calorie balance from negative to positive. The Zig Zag diet can be used by anyone, whether you want to lose total body-fat, maintain your body-fat or even decrease body-fat while gaining muscle.

The process of zigzagging relies on 5 rules that need to be strictly adhered to so that you can integrate training efforts with your fat-loss objective, your genetics and your current physical condition. If you can stick to the 5 zig zag rules you will forever have complete control of your body-fat.

The 5 Zig Zag Diet Rules:

Rule 1.

You should set up your life so that you ALWAYS eat a minimum of 5 meals every day (preferably 6 or 7). This immediately insures that your blood-sugar levels are always going to be controlled (no cravings). You also need to eat small portions of proteins throughout the day. This not only helps growth and recovery but it will reduce the amount of enzymes which store fat, this makes you incapable of storing fat.

If you are eating every few hours during your day, the body automatically stops storing fat because it no longer needs to. Conversely, if you only eat once a day a survival mode kicks in and you start to store fat because your body does not know when it's gonna get fed again.

Rule 2.

You need to learn the 1-2-3 rule and how to apply it. Each of your 5 meals need to be composed of 1 part of the total calories for that meal should be from fats, 2 parts from the protein and then 3 parts coming from carbohydrates. It's just a guideline, never eliminate fat completely, it is essential for good health. Fat has 9 calories per gram and carbs and proteins have 4 calories per gram.

Rule 3.

Know your day's activity and when you need to eat more calories. Plan ahead or plan to fail.

Rule 4.

Zig Zag your calories. If your objective is fat loss then you need to reduce your calories you eat during the week, you then "pig out" over the weekend which readjusts your BMR upward, this helps support your lean tissue building, and also gives you a great psychological "lift."

Rule 5.

Your reduced calorie intake from Monday to Friday makes it almost impossible to get sufficient nutrients that your body is going to need to stay healthy build muscle. You therefore need to supplement with vitamins and minerals.

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