Vince Gironda 10-8-6-15 Workout Routine

If we consider that the late great Vince Gironda probably was responsible for training and motivating more top professional bodybuilders than any of the subsequent "iron guru's" it demonstrates his effect on bodybuilding. Before the advent of sports science Vince was the first strength coach to openly suggest training less than 45 minutes for each workout.

His instinct and his intuition on building muscle demonstrated to all of us over the last 20 years since he died continues to make sense. One such idea was his 10-8-6-15 training routine which became one of his many and highly effective "plateau busters" that bodybuilders all over the world still use today.

Vince was ahead of his time. In an era when the bodybuilding world was told that volume training was the only way to gain muscle Vince told everyone he trained that less is more and training for hours was counter-productive. He also strongly believed that training to the point of failure impedes recovery and should be avoided.

Vince promoted his 10,8,6,15 routine decades ago but it is still a highly effective way of gaining muscle because of the muscle confusion it offers. This routine not only keeps the muscles guessing but the whole body as well. Decades later sports science proved that the body’s response to this routine releases all the growth hormones required for maximum effect.

Although his 10-8-6-15 routine was something that had not yet been proven as scientifically the correct procedure to build muscle, Vince was guided by a gut instinct on the best way to get results. His 10-8-6-15 routine needs to start by working out what your 6RM is which means how much weight you can lift for 6 reps with good form.

For the first set of 10 reps would be done using 50% of a 6RM weight.

The second set of 8 reps would use 75% of your 6RM.

The third set of 6 reps would be the maximum weight you can lift for 6 reps which is your 100% 6RM.

The last set for 15 reps is done using 35% of your 6RM.

Let's say that you can lift a maximum of 80 pounds doing 6 reps of barbell curls. This would be your own 6RM so your 10,8,6,15 routines would look like this:

Set 1: 40 pounds (50%) X 10 reps

Set 2: 60 pounds (75%) X 8 reps

Set 3: 80 pounds (100%) X 6 reps

Set 4: 28 pounds (35%) X 15 reps

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