V Taper Back Workout

That V-taper look is called the Adonis look according to the Oxford dictionary means a sexually attractive man. It starts and ends with the relationship between the width of a man's shoulders and the size of his waist. Despite the genetic component to developing this V taper in your upper body, there is an effective way to improve one's V taper.

We cannot do anything about the structural width of our shoulders but the V taper is established with your latissimus dorsi, so even if we have genetically narrow shoulders the illusion can be shattered with well-developed lats. Tall thin ectomorphs will look wider and short fat endomorphs will look thinner.

The V Taper back workout below should be done with at least 48 hours' rest between workouts. It must be assumed that you will be eating sufficient protein and that you are recuperating with 8 hours of sleep. This routine could also be added to your existing routine, replacing your back workout.

Exercise #1 Shoulder-width lat pull–downs: Isolation is key when training the lats. Using your arms as hooks pulling your elbows downwards and squeezing them behind you like you trying to keep a pencil between your shoulder blades.

Exercise #2 D/B Pull-overs: Laying across a flat bench holding a D/B in both hands, you then hoist the D/B above your head only using a slight bend in both arms, you then slowly lower the weight all the way down past your head, without allowing the eccentric weight of the D/B to bend your elbows, getting a full stretch.

The concentric movement of using your lat muscles to pull the D/B back above your head. If starting out, you should select a weight that you can do 3 X 12 to 15 reps with.

Exercise # 3 One arm D/B rowing: With one knee and your one hand on the same side for a stabilizer to the floor. With chest out and back flat, pull a single D/B up to your hips, without bending and retracting your back muscles. 3 X 8 to 10 repetitions.

Exercise #4 Pull-ups: Wide-grip pull-ups and close-grip pull-ups will build a solid back. Pull your bodyweight up until your chin gets over the bar (concentric) and slowly come down (eccentric) to a full stretch. 3 sets AMAP (as many as possible) using 2 sets with wide grip and last set on close grip.

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