Triple Drop Set Workout

Next to giant sets triple drop sets are without a doubt the most demanding of all the intensity-boosting techniques that a bodybuilder can use. It is your targeted muscle as well as your CNS (central nervous system) that will work at a much higher capacity doing triple drop-sets.

This means that you should not do triple drop sets every time you train, they need to be done very selectively and not to be done on consecutive days. Triple drop sets should be done on lagging body-parts in order to get them up to par with the rest of your body as soon as possible.

Triple drop sets can be done using barbells, dumbbells or machines. You will find it easier when you do triple drop sets with a machine but it is not the best way to get results. Using dumbbells and barbells for a triple drop set means you need to prepare the weights or have the plates ready when you reach the point of failure.

The same would apply when doing triple drop sets with dumbbells as you will need 3 sets of dumbbells ready to be used before you start your drop-set. Doing triple drop sets for back you can use a number of different methods. Whether you are using barbells, D/B, cables, lat pulldowns, cable rowing or pullovers you will be able to isolate your back muscles very effectively using triple drop sets.

When training with triple drop sets the objective is intensity, so there should be very little or no rest at all between sets. This means you need to have your weights easily at hand when you reach the point of failure and want to lighten the load. The transition should only be a couple of seconds but no more.

When you train using triple drops you should think of it as doing one giant set to failure and not three sets in rapid succession. There is a big advantage using a spotter or a training partner when doing triple drops. Your partner can help you get weights off the bar or change the machine selected weights a lot quicker than you can.

A training partner can be invaluable when doing triple drops with a movement like leg press. If you had to stand up and remove some weight before you can continue with the triple drop, the effectiveness of this technique would have been negated before you sit down and get another set out.

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