Tribulus Terrestris Testosterone Booster Review

Tribulus terrestris Extract (from the Tribula terrestris fruit). This extract has been shown by independent clinical research to contain several steroidal saponins (Yan, 1996). Now, that's quite a mouthful of scientific jargon, so what does that mean for me and you?

Tribulus terrestris is a weedy plant native to the warmer regions of Europe, south Asia, and Africa. This plant was used in India as an aphrodisiac for many years before its discovery in the west. Around 1970, this plant was reduced to its extract and found to have significant effects in increasing sex drive and muscle size through a testosterone boosting mechanism. Though the exact method of testosterone increase in the human body is not fully known, it is thought to increase levels of precursor hormones (namely LH and GnRH) which signal the body to increase testosterone production.

There are at this time no studies on its effects on healthy individuals (as there rarely are aside from toxicity studies) however, there are studies which show that if may have benefits in those with lower than normal testosterone and overstressed athletes. It is also fairly obvious that the benefits of extra testosterone production can help healthy people trying to increase muscle mass.

Other than occasional upset stomachs, I was not able to find any adverse reactions or side effects related to this supplement. This is of great interest for a testosterone boosting supplement as it does not appear to negatively effect the body's natural testosterone production in the same way steroids or other testosterone analogues do. Because Tribulus terrestris works to boost the body's own natural synthesis of testosterone and not supplement it directly, there is no gonadal shrinkage observed. In fact, the opposite effect could be presumed to occur.

If you're looking for a safe and effective way to increase your bodies own natural production of Testosterone; whether for increased sex drive and stamina, bodybuilding, or overall health and vitality, Tribulus is a great choice.

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