Cytodyne Taraxatone Herbal Diuretic

If you are a competitive bodybuilder then you will know all about getting ripped for a competition and peaking at the right time. 50 years ago bodybuilders used to take potassium to lose water to increase definition, but today there have been a number of great herbal products produced specifically to enhance water loss.

Losing water just under the skin is easy, the problem is losing water retained deeper underneath the skin levels. Taraxatone is probably the best choice if your objective is to improve muscle definition by losing any excess water you are retaining.

The main active diuretic in Taraxatone is dandelion (taraxacum officianale) that has a highly effective cleansing effect by filtering the blood while providing the muscles with enough energy. Naturally dandelion is very high in potassium but this potassium will work well with other diuretics maintaining the all-important electrolyte balance in the blood.

Taraxatone also has an extract of the Uva Ursi leaf acting as a great diuretic getting rid of any excess water eliminating any possibility of bloating or inflammation. Uva Ursi is commonly used for bladder and kidney infections by most herbalists.

Taraxatone includes a number of well-studied botanical extracts including parsley leaf, horsetail, horse chestnut seed, cayenne pepper fruit and some green tea leaf. The large list of ingredients found in Taraxatone also contains the hibiscus flower, some aerva lanta parts, juniper fruit and more listed below.

The complex mix of herbal extracts added to Taraxatone includes some withania somnifera root which has been combined with taurine and alpha lipoic acid. Important additives like l-glutamine, n-acetyl tyrosine and xanthionol nicotinate have also been added.

The complex set of ingredients listed above is only part of the collective when taking about the Taraxatone ingredients as it includes essential vitamins and some helpful nutrients as well like amino acids, calcium phosphate, magnesium, niacin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.

The addition of potassium plus the large list of vitally important nutrients above is to help replace the loss of important minerals when underlying water has been depleted. This will also have a dramatic effect of preventing cramping commonly found when taking potassium plus it will effectively help to avoid serious loss of electrolytes.

It may be expensive as you need to take in 6 capsules a day 3 after breakfast and 3 after the evening meal. But the good news is that you only need to take it for a maximum of 5 days to get rid of all the unnecessary water retention. One should be careful to never exceed 6 caps a day while reducing to 3 caps on the day before the competition or event.

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