Superset Training Program

There are many reasons that one should consider super-setting when training with weights. At the top of the list would be to increase the intensity of your workout and speed up fat-loss. But there are other reasons that one should consider training with supersets and making your workout shorter is one of them.

There are a number of different ways that you can select the movements that you want to superset together. The first would be antagonistic muscle groups like training biceps and super-setting with triceps. One could also superset compound movements like doing squats and super-setting with leg extensions.

The third and final alternative when super-setting is unconventional but it still works and that is to superset different body-parts like doing triceps with back. You could do a set of skull-crushers and superset it with deadlifts or bent-over rowing.

You should always select an isolation movement to superset with a compound movement like doing a barbell curls and superset it with bench press, or doing squats with calf-raises. Another alternative when doing supersets is to do pre and post exhaustion.

A pre-exhaustion superset would be doing leg extensions before you squat but you need to leave your ego at home because the weights used when you do the compound movement would be lighter than you normally train with. If you do a set of lying triceps extensions followed by bench-press you will not be able to press the same weight that you press when you don't do triceps before.

Post-exhaustion supersets will take the pain of super-setting to a new level. For example, doing a set of squats before you squeeze out as many leg extensions as you can, it is not easy. When you squeeze out the last of what you have on the isolation movement you will be firing up all the muscles fibers left.

Compound supersets is another alternative like doing bench-press and superset it with incline press. This is an advanced technique and should not be done by anyone who has been training less than 6 months. It can lead to a very heavy and intense CNS (Central Nervous System) stress.

Isolation supersets is another alternative, like doing barbell curls and superset it with D/B hammer curls. Doing this superset will fire up every muscle cell you have and get you to train past the point of failure if you do it with a spotter or training partner.

Another superset alternative is staggered supersets, like doing bench-press and superset it with calf raises. Although this type of superset is not as physically taxing as the other superset methods listed above, it will certainly be effective in burning extra calories training two unrelated muscle groups.

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