Push Pull Workout Routine Bodybuilding

All bodybuilders will use a push-pull routine during the cycling of workouts during the year. It makes perfect sense to disregard the body-part and only think of pulling or pushing. Often doing a split routine dedicates a day to shoulders, one-day chest, one for arms and one for legs can often lead to over-training depending on the volume used.

The push-pull routine listed below was very popular during Lee Haney's day in the 1980's. The workout is split into three workouts a week where the first workout is your pushing workout training chest, front-delts and triceps. You then rest a day and come back to do legs.

The last workout of the week is your pulling workout training back, rear-delts, traps and biceps. There are many variations one can do using the push-pull system. Training four times a week can be done by skipping triceps and biceps on workout 1 and 3, doing legs on workout 2 and then arms on day 4.

The variations are endless as one could divide your legs between push and pull training your push (squat) on one day and the pull (hamstring curl) the next day. The following push-pull workout is 3-day on and 1-day off split routine. The specific leg routine used has been excluded as both pushing and pulling movements are used when training legs.

Workout 1 PUSH Chest, front + medial deltoids, triceps
B/B bench-press 4 X 8-12
Incline D/B press 4 X 8-12
Flat D/B flies 4 X 10-12
Dips 4 X 10-12
Military press 4 X 8-12
D/B raises 3 X 10-12
Side lateral raises 5 X 10-15
Lying triceps extensions 4 X 10-12
One-arm triceps extensions 3 X 10-12
Triceps push-downs 4 X 10-12

Workout 2 LEGS Quads, hamstrings, calves and abs
Squats 4 X 10-12
Leg Press 4 X 8-12
Leg Ext 3 X 10-15
Leg Curl 4 X 10-12
Standing Calf Raise 3 X 10-15
Searted Calf Raise 3 X 10-15
Hanging Leg Raises 3 x 20-25
Ab Crunches 3 x 20-25

Workout 3 PULL Back, rear deltoids, traps, biceps and forearms
Lat Pulldowns 4 X 10-12
Barbell rows 4 X 8-12
One-arm D/B rows 4 X 10-12
High-cable rows 3 X 10-15
Machine rear deltoids 4 X 10-15
D/B shrugs 4 X 10-12
EZ bar curls 4 X 10-12
Preacher curls 3 X 10-12
Alternate D/B curls 4 X 10-12
Wrist curls 4 X 10-12

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