Partial Reps Workout Routine

It might sound strange to hear that one can benefit from not doing full range of motion but it's true. Partial rep training can be extremely effective in breaking through training plateaus and is a valuable training technique for any bodybuilder. We all have a sticking point in the bench-press, that point where you cannot push through but if you could then the weight you are lifting would be easy.

We each have a different sticking point depending on our bio-mechanics and our genetic make-up, partial reps when done on a squat rack or a power rack can make the world of difference to your strength. Partial reps can use the heaviest weight you can lift where you are strongest or where you are weakest.

For example, let's take the weakest link on your squat, which will more than likely be at the bottom of the squat. It is at this point in the squat that all the stress is taken on by the muscles in your body using the least favorable leverage. By specifically training this point we can make a radical improvement to our squat.

Some movements work better than others when doing partials, if you have access to a power rack you could make an enormous difference to change your 1RM on movements like the big four compound lifts and curls using barbell or dumbbells. Movements like shoulder press, dips as well as skull-crushers, triceps pushdowns and calf raises could all be used very effectively for doing partials.

Never train partials exclusively, you need full range movements to get strong, so best to alternate. Partials are extremely demanding on your body so you may need more recovery time than normal. Because you will be putting extra stress on all your connective tissue doing partials you should increase Vitamin C, gelatin, glucosamine, calcium and chondroitin plus some MSM.

When doing partials, the power rack is without a doubt your best friend. It is easy to adjust the safety rails to stop the barbell anywhere you like in the range of motion doing any barbell movement. Don't jump more than 200% of the normal weight you do with that movement and slowly increase 10% at a time.

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