XPI Myotein Protein Powder

Anyone who's serious about bodybuilding knows protein shakes are the standard for increasing muscle growth. Navigating the overcrowded market for a protein shake that builds muscle, aids in recovery, and spurs fat loss is a challenge, however.

Myotein is a time-released protein supplement advertised to do it all. Packed with 6 different proteins, Myotein is said to deliver a meal replacement that both builds muscle and reduces fat.

I wanted to see if Myotein really was your one-stop shop for a better body, so I did some research on the product. In this review, I'll cover the Myotein makers, formula, pricing, and instruction for use before making a final call on this product.

Myotein Manufacturers

The first stop on our Myotein tour is the manufacturers. A supplement's makers can tell us a lot about the product itself, whether it raises red flags or inspires confidence.

Myotein comes from the Orem, Utah-based company Xtreme Pharmaceutical Innovations, also known as XPI. Although only in business since 2011, XPI has charge over numerous other supplements and even reported a $72,000 income in December 2011 alone.

XPI seems fairly successful for a new company, suggesting it is helmed by people who understand the industry and customer needs. However, because XPI is so new, it would be foolish to take the company advertisements at their word.

The Myotein Formula

Since the Myotein advertising angle centers so heavily on the formula, let's analyze the individual ingredients.

As you can imagine, Myotein is largely protein. However, the 6-protein blend is supported by a few additional ingredients for a well-rounded bodybuilding experience. I'll go over each.

6-Protein Blend

The heavily-advertised protein blend contains:

Whey Protein Hydrolysate–Pre-digested protein to decrease side effects and enhance absorption
Whey Protein Concentrate–Suppresses appetite and burns fat in addition to building muscle with branched-chain amino acids
Whey Protein Isolate–Much like standard whey protein, but with increased absorption and less gas and bloating
Micellar Casein–A time-released protein to enhance effectiveness; also prevents muscle breakdown during fat loss
L-Glutamine–Amino acid supporting muscle recovery
Colostrum–Enhances immune function and muscle recovery

Coleus Forskohlii

To improve body composition and eliminate fat, XPI has included coleus forskohlii. Coleus forskohlii is a plant whose roots contain the chemical forksolin. A stimulant, forskolin triggers heightened reaction in the central nervous system. This creates heat, igniting thermogenesis, burning fat, and improving metabolism. With less fat, muscles will be more prominent.


Aminogen is a patented ingredient designed to enhance protein absorption. This decreases your side effect risk and increase protein effectiveness.

It's obvious from examining this formula that XPI took great care in selecting their ingredients. Each protein form and additional ingredient performs a specific task, creating a well-rounded final product. This gives Myotein an edge over competition.

The Most Effective Way to Use Myotein

Now that we know Myotein has a good formula backed by a good company, let's see if it's easy to use.

To make a Myotein milkshake, XPI recommends combining 1 scoop with water. However, if you want to add calories, you can try milk. Using juice can increase protein's effectiveness, but the taste probably wouldn't blend well with Myotein's vanilla or chocolate.

You also have freedom in using Myotein. You can use just 1 scoop a day, or several; it just depends on what you want from the supplement.

The Final Word on Myotein

Myotein has a complete formula that goes beyond the call of duty, boasting easy-to-use instructions and good availability online. If traditional protein shakes haven't been enough for you, Myotein might be worth a try.

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