Cytosport Muscle Milk

By Bodybuilding Science

Cytosport's Muscle Milk is a great product. I don't say that about too many bodybuilding supplements, but I really believe this is a necessity for any serious bodybuilder. It is packed with real nutrition. Its one of the best sources of good fats, a sector of nutrition that is sorely overlooked in this industry. Our bodies need balance in order to work properly and pack on muscle, and eating nothing but pasta and chicken leaves many important areas of nutrition unattended to. Many people still have the mentality that eating fat makes you fat, but any experienced bodybuilder will tell you differently.

Fats are the most dense source of nutrition. That's a big deal when you have to eat 4000 calories a day! Another pivotal role that fats play is that they form the backbones of all steroid molecules, including testosterone. If you're not getting enough fat, you body doesn't have enough of the building blocks to make that precious testosterone. And unlike double cheeseburgers from your favorite local fast food chain, the fats in Cytosport's Muscle Milk are good for your body. They actually help you to burn your existing body fat as energy. Let's take an in depth look at what is in Muscle Milk and how it works to build muscle and burn fat.

Let's start by examining the nutrient content of Muscle Milk. One serving contains 348 calories. 18 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbs and 32 grams of protein. It is also packed with over 20 vitamins and minerals necessary for anabolic growth. But that's just the basics; this is where the contents of this supplement start to get really interesting. The protein in Muscle Milk is a custom assembled mixture of proteins and amino acids that were selected and refined based on the results they gave. This protein matrix was designed to closely mimic the protein content of human mother's milk. Because infancy is by far the most anabolic period of the human lifecycle, it is important to fuel that growth with the most effective, efficient nutrition possible. Evolution spend tens of millions of years developing this perfect anabolic food, Cytosport's just made it available to the body builder.

This isn't just another marketing scheme either, Muscle Milk and human mother's milk share many of the same proteins and protein ratios, including Alpha and Beta Casiens, Alpha-Lactalbumin, secretory IgA and IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1, widely considered the most anabolic substance in existence) and Lactofemin. If that was all Cytosport's Muscle Milk contained, it would be a worthwhile product, but that is not the case. Cytosport's also contains specially engineered fats they call "Lean Lipids" which were selected for their thermogenic inclination to release energy as opposed to being stored as fat cells. This mean more energy for lifting and more importantly, more energy for repairing and building up muscles. As if this wasn't enough, Muscle Milk also has minerals thought to increase the body's natural creatine production as well as synthetic enzymes to assist the body in digesting this masterpiece concoction. Quite a lot of science packed into a tasty powder in a wide assortment of flavors.

The bottom line with this product is that whatever your fitness goal, be it gaining muscle or burning fat, this supplement will be a great asset to your plan. Of all the supplements on the market, this one gives you the most results for your money and is based around the fundamental principals of nutrition and not some nonsense chemical that claims to just burns all your fat off. This is a solid bet and a product I personally attest to. There are literally at least 15 flavors of this stuff, so even the pickiest of fitness buffs will find a taste he/she will enjoy.

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