Hyperplasia Workout Routine

Hyperplasia is different to hypertrophy because a muscle can grow in two ways; It either grows in size because the muscle cell enlarges or new ones are made. Muscle hypertrophy is training specifically to enlarge the cells from the size they are now.

Hyperplasia training is specifically designed to increase the amount of muscle cells, to grow new muscle cells. Hyperplasia is described as the abnormal increase in the cell number of a muscle tissue or organ which results in the consequent enlargement. i.e. New cells.

When you are training specifically for hyperplasia your concern is no longer to maintain a high intensity doing the workout but to concentrate on volume. It's a serious workout doing a minimum of 20 sets for each body-part. You would be doing 5 to 8 sets of a movement using 12 to 15 reps.

You should start off your hyperplasia training by choosing a weight that you think you can do 15 reps with using good form without reaching failure and do 3 sets. You then increase the weight so that you reach the point of failure on rep 15. If you fail before 15 then lighten the load.

Although the accent of hyperplasia training is not intensity, the workout is very intense, because after you have completed 3 sets of 15 reps reaching the point of failure on the last rep, you then switch to a new movement for the same body-part.

Obviously you will need to drop the weights you're lifting as you move deeper into the set. The objective is not to find complete failure or to increase the intensity of the set, the objective is to increase volume. If you get a huge pump on the targeted body-part, then you're doing hyperplasia training correctly.

After you have trained like this for a couple months you will start to notice some serious size gains which come from the newly built tissue, your muscle shape will radically improve. If your body-fat is low enough you will see the muscles become a lot more striated.

After doing this hyperplasia training and then returning to normal hypertrophy training you'll be increasing the size of these newly formed muscle cells. This increases both your strength and muscle size at the same time, as your muscle fibers start to fill out.

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