Muscle Gauge Nutrition Huge Impact

"No longer do you need to take pills upon pills or buy product upon product to achieve your target physique." This is the claim made by Huge Impact, Muscle Gauge Nutrition's new muscle building supplement.

Huge Impact is supposedly more powerful than other supplements because it doubly helps you immediately build muscle and sustain that growth.

But does Huge Impact really stand out among muscle-building products?

What's in Huge Impact?

Basically, lots of protein sources, which add up to 24 g protein per serving. But Huge Impact doesn't stop at just protein. Instead, its formula can be divided into these 4 sections.

Amino Acids

Below are the most prominent amino acids in Huge Impact's formula.
Valine: supports lean muscle-mass building and muscle repair.
Isoleucine: contributes to the energy-producing process in your body.
Leucine: stimulates protein syntheses in muscle. It also produces energy, helping to keep your blood sugar in balance.

A combination of these and other amino acids contribute greatly to the muscle building properties in your body. Now let's look at the protein sources these amino acids come from.


The main protein source in Huge Impact is whey protein, which is among the best protein sources for muscle-building. It contains more branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) than other natural food sources.

Since BCAAs provide 35% of the amino acids needed in muscle proteins, this leads to increased size and strength as well as shorter recovery times. Whey protein can also be absorbed and used by the body for growth much more efficiently than other proteins.

Huge Impact has both whey protein concentrate (about 75% pure protein) and whey protein isolate (about 90% pure protein). Although whey protein isolate is the most powerful, most manufacturers include both, as this makes the product less expensive for consumers.

While whey protein increases protein synthesis, casein decreases protein breakdown. Huge Impact includes both micellar casein, a protein found in milk, and calcium caseinate, which is produced from casein. Casein has the rare ability to clot in the stomach, allowing amino acids to release more slowly, thus increasing muscle mass and preventing breakdown.

Vitamins and Minerals

Many vitamins and minerals in Huge Impact can also contribute to muscle building. Let's look at a few:
Vitamin A: Necessary for protein use as well as testosterone production, Vitamin A is thus a big factor in enhancing muscle growth.
Calcium: Muscles rely on calcium to contract, so calcium is especially important for weight lifters.
Potassium: Potassium is transferred in and out of cells, and if potassium is restricted, muscle activity can go down. Potassium is also required in the storage of carbs for the muscles' energy.


And what kind of muscle builder would Huge Impact be without the ever-popular creatine? Creatine is an organic acid found naturally in the body that helps supply energy to the muscles. It thus can improve muscle strength, increase lean muscle mass, and help muscle recovery.

Creatine supplements are popular with athletes because they can provide 2 to 3 times the amount found in a high-protein diet. A creatine excess can cause symptoms such as trouble breathing and kidney damage, although 5 to 20 grams a day are considered safe. It's unclear how much creatine is included in Huge Impact as it is part of a proprietary blend. But since the entire blend is only 26 g per serving, it's unlikely that the creatine exceeds this amount.

All in all, Huge Impact didn't leave much out when creating their ingredient blend. It should contain all the vitamins and proteins you need to build muscle.

Huge Impact Reviews

Many consumers say they gained muscle by using Huge Impact. They also seem to appreciate the ingredients' combination. On, Vince said, "My first time taking this and I was very impressed. The ingredient profile is very good. I call it a complete protein. It has everything in it to make it good for pre-workout, post work out, in between meals and a before bed shake."

However, some complain about the taste: ". . . no matter how much or how little water you do or milk with 1 scoop it has a bitter off taste" (Rocky, Some consumers saw little result in muscle growth.

Taking Huge Impact

Blend or shake 1 scoop of Huge Impact with 6 to 8 oz of cold water, cold milk, or another beverage. Blend or shake for 30 to 45 seconds. Get the best results by taking it one hour prior to your workout for muscle gain, and one hour afterwards to reverse muscle breakdown.

Should I Buy Huge Impact?

Be aware that if you're looking to lose fat and body mass, this isn't the product for you. Huge Impact is heavy on protein and dairy products, which will help you gain muscle, but probably won't help you lose weight. In fact, Huge Impact may help you gain weight: it has 145 calories per scoop, which contributes significantly to the average person's intake of 2000 calories a day.

For muscle building purposes, Huge Impact is fast working, safe, and popular among bodybuilders. It contains all the protein sources necessary to build and maintain muscle growth. If you're looking to build muscle naturally and sustain that growth, this is a great product.

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