Legal Bodybuilding Steroids

Legal bodybuilding steroids, or just supplements?

Bodybuilders are always looking for the extra edge. Recently there have been developments to aid in an athletes performance that are at least legal to purchase. While an athlete still needs to be aware of what they put into themselves and what they are tested for, at least you can't be thrown in jail for using these new products.

Herbal testosterone boosters have helped countless athletes reach their peak performance. The problem is in 2004 President Bush passed sweeping legislation to ban many of these products. Andro products where among the many banned supplements. Back in 2000 you could purchase many of these products from places like GNC, but not any longer. These days you have to find products that are a couple of steps away from boosting testosterone in order for it to be legal.

Ecdysterone is an herbal supplement that is found in bugs and also in plants. This supplement is at the moment thought to be a very safe steroid alternative. Of course, there are some complaints about the product. Usually price is the main issue. Beyond price many users have found that you have to consume more of the product than suggested to see maximum results.

Creatine has been on the market for sometime now. This product is less of a supplement and more of a vitamin. Your body naturally produces creatine, and red meat and high protein diets can boost the amount of creatine in your system. Creatine has also been suggested for consumption for vegetarians as their bodies have lower levels due to the lack of meat consumption. Creatine assists athletes in gaining a certain amount of muscle mass and a small amount of additional energy.

As with all supplementation legal or not you should learn the side effects before using them. Even safe supplements such as creatine can have negative impacts on your body if you have certain health issues. So seek out medical advise before experimenting with your body.

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