Jettison Technique Workout

If you have access to rubber bands, the same training bands used for bodyweight band movements, then you can do Jettison technique workouts. If you are the type of bodybuilder/weight-trainer that is always looking to push themselves farther than they have previously, then the Jettison workout was built for you.

You have to be able to withstand the pain of going to and beyond the point of failure like you do when you train drop sets. Jettison is similar but more intense than drop set training, by using the band with the Jettison technique allows you to take it all a step farther by using reduced resistance.

There is a very specific way to perform Jettisons so we will use the bicep curl as a simple example, but the same principal can be applied to all the big four and other isolation movements. Placing your feet shoulder width apart on the inside of the band while holding the other side of the band lining the barbell between your hands along the barbell you are holding.

You then do 10 to 12 reps curling the barbell plus the stretch of the band curling to the top of the movement together.

Without resting, you then ditch the band, still standing on it, and do 8 to 10 barbell curls with the same weight.

The last cycle of the jettison tri-set is doing the curling motion with the band alone until complete failure, repping it out until you cannot do another rep. If you are a bodybuilder who does not feel familiar with the idea of failure then try Jettisons, it teaches you everything you need to know about pushing yourself beyond the point of failure, like Arnold used to talk about.

The physiological argument for doing Jettisons explains that when you move a weight concentrically through full range of motion, you will lose maximal stimulation of the muscle because of the constantly changing leverage when doing any movement with our bodies.

It goes on to explain that when using a constantly changing source of resistance like a band, the muscle (biceps in this example) is taxed to the maximum along every point of the rep, no matter what the leverage. There is additional benefit to doing Jettisons with the eccentric movement because the band pulling on you stimulates all the growth hormones.

Your CNS (central nervous system) needs to constantly adapt to build muscle and quickly adapts our nervous system to perform a movement with weight. Science proves to us that if the CNS can be constantly adapting to a new movement more growth stimulus is stimulated.

In the example above performing two difference types of resistance on different planes using the same movement might not sound very practical but it puts your motor-unit recruitment at its max. The results are always faster muscle growth, if correct nutrition is maintained.

It is important to note that doing Jettisons is all about no stopping to rest between dropping the bands in your hands and dropping the barbell, it is all one continues repping motion, slow and with good form. The objective is to seek failure and push yourself beyond it.

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