How to Make Your Cardio More Effective

Most people who run on the treadmill or jump rope have one thing in mind: burning as much fat as possible. Yet for some reason most trainers donít take some simple steps that can boost the effectiveness of their exercise considerably.

If you really want to make your cardio as fat burning as possible, just follow these simple tips.

Do Fasted Cardio Ė If you are really interested in getting the most fat burning out of your cardio workouts, make certain to only do your cardio on an empty stomach. When you wake up first thing in the morning is ideal. Because at this point, because you havenít probably had anything to eat for nine hours or more, your blood sugar levels are extremely low. So when you start exercising, you body will go straight to your body fat for fuel.

Listen to Music - The most common complaint about cardio among bodybuilders is that "itís boring." While when you do weight training, you usually switch from one exercise to another every couple of minutes, with cardio exercise you always do basically the same motion over and over again. This can wear away at peopleís patience very quickly.

The fastest and easiest way to combat this is by listing to some pleasant music while you train. It wonít just make this time less boring, it will also boost your mood, which will give you more energy to put into your workouts.

Keep Things High Intensity - How many calories you burn is directly related to how intense your cardio workout is.

Some might think that it is better to keep things lower intensity because they have heard that this is best way to ensure that your exercise burns more fat than it burns muscle. But the this thinking is a bit flawed, and will actually take you longer to get that "cut" look that you want. While its good to work on trying to reduce how often your body turns to your muscles for fuel, high intensity exercise just burns more per minute, so that should be the choice of anyone who wants to get ripped and isnít able to spend all day in the gym.

Keep It Brief - Even if you are looking to shed off a lot of fat, it is important to keep your cardio sessions fairly brief. To illustrate why, just like at the difference in physique between an Olympic sprinter and a professional distance runner. While the sprinter is typically extremely muscular, the distance runner is usually fairly skinny, with very little muscle or fat on their body. This is because after a certain point during your cardio exercise, usually after an hour or so, the exercise stops being effective for burning fat, and actually starts turning to your muscle for fuel. So try to keep things between twenty and forty five minutes.

Christopher William McCombs is a personal trainer in Los Alamitos. Chris teaches a radically different approach to losing fat to local OC residents and he makes the workouts fun. Chris is also a Personal Training Marketing expert and helps fitness trainers all over the globe to triple their income while cutting their work hours in half.

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