Biotest Hot Rox Fat Burner

By Bodybuilding Science

Hot-Rox is billed as a thermogenic fat burner that has "made ephedra obsolete". Now I don't know if I'd go that far, however, this product does seem to be legitamate. Before we delve into the ingrediants and mechanisms of Hot-Rox, let's explain what "thermogenics" and fat burners are really for.

You may notice that the majority of the supplements on this site are for building mass, not losing weight. The people who will benefit most from the products reviewed on this site are people who are already in relatively good shape. That being said, if you are severly overweight then a fat burner isn't going to do you much good. On the other hand, if you are fairly physically fit and want to shed a few pounds of vanity fat, then this should be right up your alley.

The reason I think this product is great is because you can simultaneously burn fat, and gain muscle! Any experienced bodybuilder knows this is relatively impossible for the following reasons: normally, the body is either building tissue or breaking it down, not both. When you gain muscle, you also gain a little fat; when you lose fat, you also lose a little muscle. This can be one of the most frustrating obsticles when trying to sculpt your body. Two steps forward, one and a half back. But thermogenics, specifically Hot-Rox, give us a way around this rule.

Normally the body only burns fat when it needs more energy than it is getting from the food you eat. This is the basic principle of weight loss. However, during this process the body tends to break down muscle as well. This is where Hot-Rox comes in. Hot-Rox attempts to stimulate the body into converting fat to energy without the nutritional deficit! This means you can still intake the necessary nutrients so sustain your muscle growth while also shedding fat. Sounds great in principle, but this task is much harder than you would expect. The body is very reluctant to its fat stores. We are genertically programed to save excess food for times of famine. Just because in today's world a six-pack is more important than being able to go a week without food doesn't mean our bodies agree with us. So let's examine how Hot-Rox works.

There are several ingrediants in Hot-Rox capsules. We will examine each for its synonyms and functionality. First up is lauroyl macrogol-32 glycerides. The root of this chemical is Macrogol. What is Macrogol you ask? A diruetic. It acts to draw water from the body into the intestines and is used as a laxative in its pure form. This would likely cause loss of water weight and is likely the reason the manufacturer recommends you consume it with a tall glass of water. Next is 7-hydroxy-5-methyl-3-phenylchromone propylcarbonate, quite a mouth full, and frankly, I don't know what it does. It's in a lot of supplements across the board, but I can't find an explaination of its function anywhere. I'll keep looking and update when I find it. The third is 3,17-dihydroxy-delta-5-etiocholane-7-one diethylcarbonate. A lot of substituants, but one key word, etiocholane. Ah yes, our old friend etiocholane.

Yet another derivation of the steriod precursor Andro taken off the market so many years ago. The fourth is Sclaremax , a supposed blend of metabolism boosting plant chemicals. And our final ingrediant is... caffine. Yes, good old fashioned caffine. Many users report a poor tolerance for larger doeses of this supplement and I believe a high caffine content is to blame. So what happens when you put lauroyl macrogol-32 glycerides, 7-hydroxy-5-methyl-3-phenylchromone propylcarbonate, 3,17-dihydroxy-delta-5-etiocholane-7-one diethylcarbonate, Sclaremax and caffine together? You get one hell of a metabolism stimulant.

I have tried this product personally and found the fat loss effects to be very real. Granted I took 2 bottle and only lost a few pounds, but those pounds were pure fat. And sometimes a few pounds of fat makes the difference between an average and a shredded physique. If you need some help getting cut and have a good tolerance for caffine, I would defiently recommend checking out this product. This product, in combination with solid diet and weight lifing/cardio routine will get you shredded in no time.

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