Which high protein foods are best for bodybuilding?

Keeping up a toned and muscular body requires commitment, stamina and determination. Once you have created your fitness regime, the next step is to create a healthy diet plan which includes plenty of high protein foods.

If you have recently decided to transform your lifestyle, from ordering takeaway three times a week to eating your five-a-day, and from playing video games on the sofa to going running in the park, then you are already on the right path for getting into shape. After you have had a great workout, your metabolism will be working very hard, which is sure to make you feel hungry. The last thing you want to do is to instantly satisfy your hunger with a pizza or fries. Instead, you should try and eat a high protein snack such as a handful of nuts, a pot of low fat yoghurt or an egg white omelette. Foods which are high in protein help to strengthen and repair your muscles quickly.

Here are three great high protein foods you should try and incorporate into your diet.

Eggs - Per ounce, an egg contains 6g of protein, most of which is found in the egg white. Why not make an egg white omelette with turkey pieces and cottage cheese for breakfast?

Turkey and Chicken - These two meats contain 9g of protein per ounce and are considered much more healthy than red meat because they are easy to digest, low in fat and high in vitamin B.

Fish - Trout, sardines and salmon should be a regular part of your diet as they are very high in protein and low in saturated fat.

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