Gym Nutrition for Beginners

Gym Nutrition

If you want to start working out in the gym it is very important to increase the amount of protein you eat. Protein is what repairs and builds our muscles. You want to get your protein from lean sources such as egg whites, chicken, turkey, fish, etc. It helps to supplement your diet with amino acids and/or protein shakes.

Also for energy you will need to get natural carbohydrates, the best sources are fresh raw vegetables and fruit, not only will these keep your energy high, they will also give you much needed vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Gym Supplements

Once you are working out properly and eating right, you may want to try some supplements. There are many types of supplements that can make you gym workouts more effective.

Protein: Gives the extra protein that you need to help build bigger and stronger muscles, you can use amino acid capsules, protein shakes or bars, etc.

Creatine: Delivers added energy and to help volumize our muscles. You can get it either pill and powder form.

Testosterone Boosters: Used to help increase the level of free testosterone in your bloodstream with should stimulate more protein synthesis which accounts for muscle strength and growth.

Fat Burners: Used for help in losing weight and burning fat. Usually contain a mild stimulant such as caffeine.

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