Gym Etiquette; Don't be that Guy

Anyone that spends time in the gym has had an experience with "that guy". You know the one with the shirt two sizes to small and grunting after every rep for attention. he is usually the same guy that leaves the equiptment sweaty and the weights all over the floor.

Good gym etiquette is a list of unwritten rules that most gym patrons follow, it is basically just common sense and respect for others. Here is a list of how you should act while working out.

Dress correctly = Women should wear clothes that are not to revealing, men should have adequate pants and atleast a tanktop, no bathing suits.

Don't phone/sing = Do not talk on the phone or sing out loud, it distracts others and is disrespectful.

Avoid socializing = It is allright to have friends just don't stand around talking while others are trying to workout, you could be in the way or distracting.

Don't hog the equiptment = do your workout and move on, others may need what your using, If the gym is crowded you could let someone cycle in with you, don't sit around on the equiptment,others may be waiting for it.

Don't grunt or yell = Leave the "look at me" grunt at the door, grunting can be kept to a minimum if you have to do it at all, and yelling is never allright.

Proper hygiene = Do not come to the gym stinking, clean the sweat of the equiptment you use, and don't spit anywhere-especially the water fountain.

Put equiptment away = when you are finished with the equiptment put it back where it belongs, this includes unloading the weights from the bars, nothing is more disrespectful then leaving your weights in someones way or they have to look for them.

Don't watch or stare = People are in the gym to workout, they don't want to be watched or stared at, its not a dating club so do not try to pick someone up?

Locker Room

Get in and get out = be respectful to others by finishing and getting out

Don't leave wet towels = clean up after yourself, noone wants to touch your towel, clean out the sink if you shave, etc...

Don't walk around naked = Do not walk around naked, it takes a second to wrap a towel around you, no one wants to see you.

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