Fat Loss Myths and Misinformation

Fat loss myths, the truth about the top fat loss myths and misinformation that just won't go away.

Need to lose fat, workout more.

Since the advent of high intensity interval training (HIIT) we now know that the quality of the workout you do will outweigh the quantity of any exercise you do. If the objective is fat loss it is a lot easier to eat less calories than to train more. Training HIIT for more than an hour will have a negative impact as your body starts shutting down to protect itself.

For fat-loss cardio is more important than weight lifting.

Cardio will speed up muscle loss as fat loss and losing any muscle will slow your metabolism down so that you need to take in less calories to continue losing fat. Effective fat-loss is the control of calories going in and out, if muscle loss is prevented at all costs then fat loss will be achieved. A good well-balanced diet together with a weight training routine will result in effective fat loss.

When losing fat what you eat is just as important as how much you eat.

This myth is true for general health but not for fat-loss. Effective fat-loss is about controlling the calories you take in and working out, correctly regulating the calories that go in and out. Eating healthy unprocessed foods will certainly improve your progress when losing fat and make you feel healthier increasing your sense of well-being and general health. It is easy to get fat eating too much healthy food.

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