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Easy Ways to Prevent Muscle Cramps

Iím sure we have all seen this scene at the gym: Some guy is merrily pumping out a few preacher curls, when all of a sudden, he drops his weight and grasps in bicep in pain. Itís never fun to be suddenly struck with a muscle cramp. Theyíre painful, they increase your training time unnecessarily, and they can even hurt your progress. Fortunately there are a few simple steps that anyone can take to help reduce the odds of suffering form one of these cramps.

Drink Lots of Water - There are a million reasons why you should drink plenty of water, but here is an extra one: it will prevent you from getting those muscle cramps. The primary reason why your muscles cramp is because they just get too dry and overheated. By making sure to drink lots of water, you keep your joints well lubricated and help your muscles get all of the fluids that they need to function properly.

Breathe Properly - Sometimes, we hold our breath unknowingly when we do some really intense weight training. Trainers can get so fixated on focusing all of their energy into getting that last rep out that they simply forget a lot of basic elements of good training. Be sure to breathe slow, steady breaths, especially when you are lifting those heavy weights.

Consume Sodium - You often hear in new reports that sodium is bad for you, that it can lead to heart problems and other things that you want to avoid. But the truth is that sodium is an essential mineral for helping your body retain water. If you have been eating "clean" for long enough, itís possible that you just have too little sodium in your body. So feel free to add a little bit of salt to your eggs white I the morning every once in a while. Or if you want it the quick and easy way, you can get your sodium through sports drinks that contain electrolytes.

Stretch Properly - For most people who weight train, a warm up usually consists of just a few minutes of using light weights or jogging in place to get your heart pumping. While raising your heart rate is important, you should also get in a good stretch. Stretching before your workout will help make you nice and limber, and much less likely to suffer a cramp. As a bonus, a regular stretching routine can even improve your physique by separating your muscles and making them longer.

Chris McCombs is a Century City Personal Trainer. Chris is also a personal training marketing expert and helps self employed personal trainers to triple their income and cut their work hours in half.

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