Results of Creatine

You can expect some great Creatine results if you take the Creatine correctly. You must first know how Creatine works in order to get great results. Here is a short explanation; your muscles need something known as Adenosine Triphosphate (or ATP for short) for energy in order to produce movement. In most individuals, muscles only have a limited supply of ATP that will allow for only a short duration of output. Most exercises and activities require more than a short amount of time, so Creatine acts as an ATP refill for your muscles. This means that Creatine delivers just when you need it most. Below, there is an explanation on how you can get great Creatine results depending on the type of activity.


Creatine is mostly for use in intense, short-duration activities such as bodybuilding and weightlifting and does not appear to be helpful in long duration activities. While it is a common belief that Creatine results will help all sprinters -- whether runners, cyclists, or swimmers some studies show otherwise. Creatine results do show an increase in the pedaling power of cyclists on stationary bikes, but studies have not found any consistent benefits from taking Creatine for endurance athletes in the long run.

Additional Creatine results are that it allows the muscle to store more potential short burst energy. This allows your muscles to continue working at maximum capacity for a longer amount of time. Creatine has also been proven to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. This is the soreness in your muscles that you get about two days after lifting weights. Another amazing find of Creatine results is that it drastically reduces recovery time. This means that you can workout harder and more often with a reduced chance of overtraining.

Since Creatine is typically referred to as the supplement to help you build muscle, many wonder if it is beneficial to take while trying to lean down as well. In most cases, you can still benefit from Creatine while you are dieting. Since the primary purpose is to help maintain the intensity of your workouts, which is something that can be trying when you are really cutting back on your calories, Creatine will help to give you an extra boost when you need it most.

Overall, Creatine results seem to be minimal for some people and greater for others. Evidence seems to favor the fact that it suppresses fatigue, based on the condition that the activity being short in duration and high in intensity. Claims regarding the increase in muscle mass are likely linked to the water retention in the cells, making the muscles appear larger. All of these facts seem to make Creatine a supplement that is extremely conditional. The Creatine results seem to be inconsistent and range widely from person to person. You can always give Creatine a try to see if it works for you, but be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new supplement routine to make sure that it will not interact with any current medications.

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