Cordygen NanO2 Review

Imagine your next big race or workout. Now, imagine taking it to the next level. Picture yourself being able to exercise at a higher level with a lower heart rate. See your body processing oxygen easier, burning fat faster, and getting better results.

This is what the new product Cordygen-NanO2 claims to do. By helping the body process and use oxygen, it aims to enhance athletic performance.

But is Cordygen-NanO2 really going to turn your athletic dreams into real results?

Cordygen-NanO2 Ingredients

Among cordyceps-based products, Cordygen-NanO2 is supposedly the best because it acts quicker and is easier on the stomach. Here's a breakdown of its main energy-enhancing ingredients:

Potato Maltodextrin - a fast-digesting food additive.

Isomaltulose - a sugar substitute which helps the body keep energy longer.

Trehalose - a preservative.

Cordycepin - originally extracted from a fungus, it is now produced in a lab. In clinical studies, Cordycepin improves exercise endurance in rats [1] and reduces fatigue in mice. [2] Unfortunately, results in humans have yet to be proven.

Adenine - aids cellular respiration, thus improving metabolism and fat burning.

Adenosine - helps in energy transfer and may increase energy, a great benefit for athletes.

Cordygen-NanO2 Dosage

The directions say to mix one serving into 2 to 8 ounces of water and drink 15 to 30 minutes before training or competition. Cordygen-NanO2 may be taken on non-training days as well. It's important to pay attention to how your body reacts to the product.

To Take Or Not to Take?

Cordygen-NanO2 appears to be both effective and safe, a rare combination in an athletic supplement. If you are an athlete looking for an extra boost to help you see results, Cordygen-NanO2 may be a good bet.


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