Coffee Benefits for Bodybuilding

The benefits of drinking coffee are alarming; it is not what you think. For example, there is conclusive proof available online that drinking coffee may help prevent diabetes, reduces the chance of developing Parkinson's disease, reduces the chance of developing gout by 40% and lastly shows clear proof that it reduces the chances of getting liver, kidney or any other colorectal cancers.

The benefits of drinking coffee listed above have nothing to do with bodybuilding but long-term health is clearly part of any bodybuilding plan. The advantage of drinking coffee from a bodybuilding point of view are well-documented empirical evidence that coffee increases the speed of metabolism.

From a bodybuilding point of view this is important as fat covers muscles and anything over 10% body-fat for a male is going to hide muscle. It is important to note that all the studies mentioned above proving the benefits of drinking coffee were done with black coffee with no milk or cream.

This is important when on a calorie restricted diet as speeding up your metabolism while taking in a peppermint caramel mocha frappaccino of 800 calories will not solve the problem. The measurement of the increasing the speed of the metabolism was conducted under strict dietary conditions.

Another similar study was done at The Australian Institute of Sport found caffeine triggers the muscles to use fat as a primary energy source instead of carbohydrate sugars. Many endurance athletes use caffeine to help get that extra energy after reaching their body's reserves while competing.

A single cup of coffee is around 150 grams of caffeine has shown in studies to reduce the sensation of fatigue. The same study also showed that endurance athletes as well as athletes competing for less than 3 minutes increased their performance by 14% compared to the placebo used in the study.

A study has been done on the benefits of caffeine in cycling as well as swimming with similar results. The both show an improvement in performance which tells us that the effect of caffeine has been well documented yet the drug testing at all international sport still allows it.

It is for this reason that we need to learn how to use caffeine to our advantage when competing in any sport. It could well be something that any athlete should find worthwhile considering the study mentioned above showing that caffeine improved performance by an average of 14%.

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