Advanced Chest and Back Workout Routine

It's all the same. We enter this world free of restraint. Unshackled. Disenthralled from pre-conceived limitations. But soon after we succumb to the ways of this world. We become burdened, expecting failure. We are weighted down by fear and guilt, accepting our mortality. We our confined by our surroundings...circumstances. We are confined by convention...limitations. It's time to tear down the walls of confinement. It's time to destroy all limitations. It's time to break free and REJECT ALL BOUNDRIES.

Likewise, to build a mammoth chest and back you can't confine of limit yourself - ya gotta switch it up; hit 'em from every angle. Fast twitch muscle fibers, slow twitch muscle fibers, inner, outer, upper, lower - the targeted muscle group has to be ambushed from every angle. Building a mammoth chest and back is indeed a daunting task, but it's not insurmountable. The only limitations are those you impose on your self - so let's crank it to high gear and floor it.

We will begin this torture session in a traditional fashion - the bench press - heavy n' hard. Only one straight set will be performed, so hammer it home. The heavy workload from this compound movement ensures that the fast twitch muscle fibers are thoroughly stimulated.

Now with the pectorals flooded with blood we will embrace the true struggle - giant sets. The giant set will consist of these exercises: Incline DB press, flat DB press, incline bench press (pause and explode), bench press (elbows flared), flat fly, incline fly, decline fly, and decline bench press. Perform the exercises in this order without rest. Be absolutely relentless and break the fuck through to the other side.

At this point, head back over to the bench press. We will put the final nail in the coffin with one more set of bench presses. Pound it out and finish with authority. The chest portion of the workout has now been completed. We will continue this ritual of anguish be annihilating the back.

We will get the ball rolling with a gut wrenching set of pull-ups. Pull-ups are superior for freakish lat width. If your bodyweight doesn't provide an adequate enough challenge for you, strap on a plate for extra resistance. Again, we start off with a single heavy set to stimulate the fast twitch muscle fibers, then we move on to giant sets to incorporate more of the slow twitch muscle fibers.

Next up, yeah you guessed it, giant sets. Execute these exercises in this order, without pause: reverse grip BB row, bent over simultaneous DB row, lat pulldown, simultaneous DB row (incline bench), reverse grip pulldown, seated row, wide - grip seated row, and reverse grip seated row. Fatigue, doubt, and self- pity will surely set in; don't you dare stop. You're made of sterner stuff. Smash through these sets with vengeance, even if you must do so with your last dying breath.

With virtually the entire upper region of your body thrashed, only one set stands between you and freedom. Perform one more set of pull-ups to put the final touches on this hellacious workout. Dig in and destroy.

You are isolated in this heightened state. Those around you, the weak ones, cannot possibly fathom what you have just gone through. Unlike you, they are confined by their own ignorance. But you on the other hand, are enlightened. You have rid yourself of the burden that is confinement and you want more. You demand more. The truth you so desperately seek is just over the horizon, but for the time being you have no choice but to wait, lick your wounds and contemplate the next battle that lies before you.

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