Dangers of Buying Steroids Online

There is no doubt that getting steroids legally in the USA is close to impossible however recent research into the purchasing of steroids internationally tells us that a staggering total of 1.5 million teenagers have openly admitted using steroids which they get from international sources.

It is easy to find many steroid adverts online that offer links to websites where steroids can be purchased online and theoretically sent to your address where you live. But recent research tells us something very different.

A test was done by the Digital Citizens Alliance where they purchased steroids from three websites to see what happened after paying with a credit card. One package arrived from Thailand that said the steroid was manufactured in Pakistan and another purchased from a website registered in Slovakia was a Chinese product, the third purchase did not arrive at all.

Upon testing the two steroids that did arrive they discovered that the potency of the one steroid was less than 10% of what it was advertised to be. The second vial which was advertised as HGH (human growth hormone) was tested in the lab and found to only contain protein but no HGH was present.

Tom Galvin from Digital Citizens Alliance who did the tests explains that there were some steroids ordered online that had lead and arsenic in them. He went on to explain that the raw product coming out of China are not made in sterile conditions and could have potentially lethal consequences.

ABC News that explains that these websites advertising steroids or any other objectionable content are removed amounting to millions of videos being taken off-line each year The problem of buying steroids online seems to be getting worse.

The Internet is raw capitalism and there are very few limitations for anyone wanting to put up a website to sell something. To those who are thinking of purchasing an online steroid that you then inject directly into your body, it simply does not make sense that you would be willing to put your health and your life at risk for something that you purchase online.

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