Shoulder Workout for Mass and Strength

This life ... you have to transcend the norm, rise above. You must be uncompromising - unwilling to quit; unwilling to submit to mediocrity. heard. Let your battle cry strike fear to all those who oppose you. Rise up...or succumb to ruin!

Alright, let's get straight to the nitty-gritty -- seated DB press supersetted with seated DB laterals. This will give you freakish shoulder width like no other. Go all out...hold nothing back. You won't get past these without bearing it your all. Full range of motion always. On the seated DB press, go all the way down past parallel, and then explode up. The front delts will take the brunt of the punishment. When you've completed the DB press, immediately grab a pair of lighter DBS (about 60% lighter) and perform seated DB laterals. Drive the elbows up. Make sure your elbows are higher than your wrists lest the front delts highjack the movement. Our target here is the side deltoids. Perform three supersets; gather your bearings, and proceed to the next exercise.

Next up, the Arnold press. This motion has a tremendous range of motion, effectively hitting the front and side deltoids. Start with a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing towards you. Raise the DBs overhead, rotating the palms outward, not locking out the elbows at the peak. This motion should be as seamless as possible. Grind out three sets of these and brace yourself for more pain.

By now your delts should be completely thrashed. But alas, we are nowhere near done. Next up are seated DB front raise drop sets. We will perform three sets, dropping to a lighter weight each time. Grab a pair of DBs you can handle for ten to twelve reps. One at a time, raise each DB past your ear. Focus. Isolate. Squeeze the muscle. When you're done with that set, drop the DBs and grab a lighter pair-press on. When you can't get another rep, drop the DBs and grab a lighter pair. Don't give in. Last set here so give it all ya got. When you're done, take a breather, commend yourself, but don't let your guard down - we're still not done.

Victory. It's within grasp. You know you've given it all your all up to this point so let's finish strong. DB upright row-drop set-four sets. This will annihilate the traps. Grab a pair of DBs you can handle for ten or so reps. Let the DBs hand in front of your waist, palms facing you. Forcefully drive them up, keeping the DBs close together and close to your body. Elbows are flared out; drive up until they're right below your chin. When you can't complete another rep, drop the DBs and grab a lighter pair. Keep it up. Isolate the traps. Do this until you've completed four sets.

Now let's put the finishing touches on the traps. Reverse barbell shrugs. Stand with the bar behind you. Your palms should be facing away from you. Grip shoulder width apart. Concentrate. Lift the weight up with your traps rather than your arms - this is where mind muscle connection is key. Hold and squeeze at the top, then go all the way down on the eccentric phase of the movement - almost relaxing your traps for full range of motion. Perform 3 sets, doing eight to twelve reps.

We've now completed our shoulder torturing session; it's now time to hit the lower back. It'll be swift and Brutal. Three sets of partial deads. Let's make 'em count. In a power rack, load up a barbell that's placed on the safety bars - the safety bars should be placed at their lowest setting. Use an overhand grip for both hands. Remember, we're interested in stimulating muscle fiber, not trying to be the world's strongest man. With you back arched and chin up, drive upward - sticking your chest out at the peak of the movement. Mind muscle connection - feel it in the lower back. Perform three sets of six to ten reps.

You're done. Though victory was attained today, you know this is but one of many battles ahead. Stay humble. Keep grinding. Press on...

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