Bodybuilding Leg Routine for Mass

Within these walls, madness dwells. Gone is reason...logic. Gone is sympathy...compassion. Only dust, shadows, and iron. It's you, pitting your will against insurmountable odds, and coming out the other end a stronger person. Today it's legs. You must abandon all rationale, all weakness, and embrace the comming brutality. Be not intimidated. Be not shaken. Stand firm. Be resolute. Your journey has led you to this very moment. Today will not be a "good" day. Today will be a day of mourning. There will be pain, suffering, and affliction. Today...the sky shall weep.

Squats. Yes squats. There's no getting out of it. In terms of size and overall leg development squat is king. So head to the squat rack and perform three warm up sets, progressively increasing in weight and decreasing in reps. After the warm up sets, we'll move on to the real deal - heavy overload sets. Pick the heaviest possible weight that you can achieve ten reps with, and unleash hell on it. Do not succumb. Dominate the weight. Drive home the tenth rep and rack it. Next we'll perform a drop set. Choose a lighter weight that you can perform ten reps, if possible, try to gut out more. Intensity, in terms of bodybuilding, is exerting all your energy reserves into a given set without any regard for what lies ahead. Since we always opt to take the road less traveled, we'll do just that. When your done,rack the weight and proceed to the next torture session.

Not gonna lie to you, this next set is gonna be a real ball-buster, so brace yourself. Here we'll perform walking lunges with a barbell, but there's a catch. Between each lunge, we'll perform a squat. This will increase the difficulty of the entire sequence substantially. Also, on the lunges we'll be using shorter strokes. This ensures the quads will be getting the bulk of the workload, as opposed to longer strokes which tend to hit more of the hamstrings and glutes. Depending on your gym format, you should lunge anywhere from 35 to 40 feet, you can adjust accordingly. Choose a relatively light weight, as you'll be hauling it around for a while; and begin the exercise. Maintain strict form and stay on course - take it one lunge and one squat at a time. When you're about at the halfway point, that small voice in your head will start to play games with you, don't give in. At this point it should feel like you carrying the entire world on your shoulders. Press on with all your might. Finish and finish strong. If you're still in a conscious state, commend yourself. Very few can endure that kind of affliction. But we' re not done yet...this nightmare continues.

What better way to finish off quads than with giant sets. By now your quads should be numb, you should feel light headed and about ready to pass out. But we're warriors; we live for this kinda stuff. Limp over to the leg extension and begin executing ten to fifteen reps. Hold briefly at the top, then lower slowly. After completion, immediately, without any rest, head over to the squat rack for some deep squats. Perform ten reps, going down past parallel then explode up. Next up, without any rest, is seated squats. Have a sturdy bench beneath you. In a squatting motion, lower down until you butt makes contact with the bench, ceasing all movement. Remain in this position for a few moments then explode up. Perform ten reps, then immediately move on to the leg press. Remain steadfast - it's easy to give in at this point. Position yourself in the leg press machine and begin the exercise. Use full range of motion, going down until the knees are pressed up against the chest. Grind out ten reps then latch it.

Last order of business - calves. We'll grind out three drop sets: Standing calf raise, block raise, and floor calf raise. Start out with standing calf raises - use a relatively heavy weight and perform twenty reps. Use full range of motion. When completed, immediately begin block calf raises. Stand on a block that elevates you about five to six inches off the ground. Perform this exercise like you would a calf raise - except obviously with just your bodyweight. Perform thirty reps and without any rest move on to the floor calf raises. On the floor, simply raise your heals up life you would a regular calf raise. Perform thirty reps; complete three drop sets, decreasing the reps by five each time. Don't treat calves as a as a mere after-thought-be thorough and meticulous in your work - exhausting every last muscle fiber.

The day of dread is over. Indeed, it will go down as a day of infamy. But for some sick, twisted reason, you're not satisfied, you want more. You lick your wounds, and look on to that dreadful day next week.

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