Bicep and Tricep Workout Routine for Mass

Gray. This mere word is indicative of the life so many have embraced. So many have fallen to the fallacy of no absolutes - the termination of two extremes; right and wrong, victory and defeat...but in world, it's black and white. There is no ambiguity. You either ate your meal on time or you didn't. You either made your workout or you pussy'd out. You either squatted 500 lbs or you didn't. There are no in-betweens. No short-cuts. No cutting corners. Cuz in here...this nightmarish scrapheap of iron, shadows, and dust - it's ALL or NOTHING.

Mammoth, python guns - everyone wants them, but few can stomach the workouts to attain them. I'm talking about mountains of thick, dense muscle separated by deep striations. Skin busting bicep peaks, bulging brachialis, jagged triceps; all ridden with sick vascularity -- the stuff that makes unsuspecting on-lookers jump out of their skin in horror. It's now or never, so let's floor it.

We'll start the workout out with triceps, since they're the larger muscle group that requires more weight to train. To totally shock and annihilate the triceps we'll exercise a little creativity here - a tri-set consisting of three variations of dips: weighted dips, bodyweight dips, and negative dips. Strap a 45Ib plate on (or whatever suits you) and head to the dip station. Begin performing weighted dips until you hit absolute failure, then immediately strip the weight and perform bodyweight dips until failure. Immediately after that, perform negative dips by exerting all your remaining energy on the negative (downward) phase of the movement. To do this go down slowly, resisting as much as you can - it should take you about four seconds to go all the way down. Remember not to waste any energy on the positive phase; simply step back up to starting position and perform the next negative rep. After that, perform another tri-set of these and move on.

Next we'll superset chain push downs with overhead cable extensions. This will require a lot of focus, so prepare your self. Use a relatively long chain with two handles on each end and attach it to the cable pulley machine. Sit down, facing away from the pulley, grab the chains and simply push down keeping your elbows stationary. Go to failure, then have your partner strip off weight and immediately drop to your knees, still gripping the chain, and perform overhead cable extensions. Focus and use full range of motion fully extending the elbows. Perform three of these supersets then prepare for the next torture session.

To finish off the triceps we'll perform two tri-sets consisting of: Straight-bar pulldown, v-bar pulldown, and rope pulldown. The different variations of grip will shock the triceps into newfound growth. Remain steadfast and you'll see yourself through this. When you've completed two sets of these brutal tri-sets, take a breather, and turn your attention to annihilating the biceps.

At long last - time to bomb the hell out of the biceps. We'll kick things off with a ball busting superset: incline DB curls supersetted with E-Z bar curls. Grab a pair of relatively heavy DBs and unleash hell on it. One arm at a time, squeeze and contract the biceps with all-out authority. When you're unable to gut out another rep, drop the DBs and immediately grab the E-Z bar. Crank out as many reps as you can - feeding off of the pain. After completion, perform two more of these grueling supersets - all the while remembering you purpose - your relentless, all-out pursuit to be the best.

We'll put the final nail in the coffin with a massive giant set - six straight blood engorging, bicep-expanding exercises that'll flush the biceps with lactid acid. The giant set will go in this order without pause: preacher curl, incline cable curl, seated hammer curl, cable curl, rope curl, and overhead cable curl. Go to absolute failure on all exercises. Don't think ahead - focus on the exercise at hand. Stay the course. Stay in control lest you lose your way. After a few minutes of pure, unadulterated pain, you should be completely done with the workout.

The struggle is ultimately what defines the hardcore bodybuilder. It sets us apart...makes us different. After this struggle there will be another, and yet another after that one. But it is in these struggles where we shine brothers... so saver every moment of it.

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