Barbell Bench Press Exercise

Bench Press: Lie in a supine position on a flat bench with your legs positioned at the sides of the bench and your feet flat on the floor. Using a hand grip that is about 6 inches wider than your shoulder width, bring the barbell to arms length above the chest but in line with the shoulders. Lower the barbell to a position on the chest that is about an inch below the nipples of the pectorals. Note from the illustration that the elbows are back and the chest is held high. Inhale as the barbell is lowered to the chest and exhale as you push the barbell back to arm's length. Do not relax and drop the weight on the chest but lower it with complete control making a definite pause at the chest before pressing it back to the starting position. Keep the head on the bench and do not arch the back too sharply as to raise your hips off the bench.

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