Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding History

Arnold is without a doubt one of the most famous body builders of all time, perhaps surpassing his childhood idol Reg Parks (Hercules, Bodybuilding fame).

His unpressidented 7 Mr. Olympia titles vaulted him too all time greatest body builder ever in the eyes of millions of people.

Perhaps he is sigularly responsible for moving bodybuilding to a mainstream sport. His continuing efforts to improve the sport with the Arnold Classic, highlights his dedication to the sport.

Here is the list of Arnolds Body building achievments:

  Jr. Mr. Europe

  Mr. Europe
  • 1966 1st Place

  Europian Mr. Universe
  • 1966 2nd place London UK
  • 1967 1st Place Youngest in history London UK
  • 1968 1st Place
  • 1969 1st Place London UK

  American Mr. Universe
  • 1968 2nd place
  • 1969 IFFB Mr Universe, New York USA

  Mr. Olympia
  • 1969 2nd Place (same night as IFFB Mr. Universe win)
  • 1970 1st Place
  • 1971 1st Place
  • 1972 1st Place
  • 1973 1st Place
  • 1974 1st Place
  • 1975 Arnold announces his retirement after winning this Mr. Olympia
  • 1980 Comback Win after 5 years away from competition in Australia

  Mr. World
  • 1970 1st Place

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