Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

By Bodybuilding Science

Animal Pak fills a very important and often overlooked component of bodybuilding, micronutrients. I bet you know exactly how much protein you need in a day to maximize gains, but do you know how much Manganese you need in a day? Have you ever even heard of Manganese? Probably not, but having the right kinds of vitamins on board will give you better workouts and better results, period.

The first thing most people will say when I recommend Universal’s “Multivitamin” Animal Pak is that they’re already taking a multivitamin every day. Well, thats great. That’s better than most people, but the nutritional needs of a bodybuilder are a little bit different than the average person, in case you haven’t noticed. Bodybuilders require many times more protein and carbs than the average person, so doesn’t it make sense that they also require more and different kinds of vitamins? Certain vitamins regulate certain physiological processes in your body. If you run out of the vitamin, the process stops. It is key that you have a wide range of vitamins in your system if you want to maximize the amount of muscle you can pack on to your frame.

Universal Animal Pak has a wide range, and appropriate levels of vitamins for bodybuilders. I will list some of the key vitamins it contains and what their functions are:

* Vitamin A (200%) – Promotes normal vision, important in maintaining cell membrane integrity, bone formation and reproduction.
* Vitamin C (1,667%) – Lessens oxidative stress (from intense exercise), essential to the development and maintenance of blood vessels and cartilage.
* Vitamin D (170%) – Modulates calcium absorption, cell proliferation and differentiation and immune system.
* Vitamin E (1,000%) – Mainly an antioxidant, plays a role in protection of DNA, immune repair, and other metabolic processes.
* Thiamin (5,067) – Also known as vitamin B1, helps break down carbs and fat for energy, essential to heart, nervous and digestive functions.
* Riboflavin (4,471%) – Also known as vitamin B2, helps break down carbs and fat for energy, and regulation of metabolism.
* Niacin (410%) – Also refered to as vitamin B3, detoxification, DNA repair, and the production of steroid horomones in the adrenal gland.
* Vitamin B6 (3,600%) – Essential for protein metabolism, nervous and immune system function, and the production of hemoglobin.
* Folic Acid (100%) – Also known as vitamin B9, Essential for production and maintenance of cells.
* Vitamin B12 (100%) – Necessary for maintenance of nerve and red blood cells.
* Biotin (100%) – Also known as vitamin B7, important for metabolism of fatty acids and carbs, prevents hair loss in biotin deficient individuals.
* Pantothenic Acid (760%) – Also known as vitamin B5, vital in a wide range of metabolic processes, disputed hair loss and skin care supplement.
* Calcium (200%) – Vital in cellular signaling, maintenance of healthy bones and possible protective effects against cancer.
* Phosphorus (23%) – Essential component of DNA and ATP.
* Iodine (100%) – A constituent of thyroid hormones T3 & T4.
* Magnesium (33%) – Utilization of ATP, DNA synthesis, essential to nucleaic acid biochemistry.
* Zinc (200%) – Important in protein synthesis, neurotransmission and synthesis of some enzymes.
* Selenium (71%) – Toxic in large doses, essential for the reduction of antioxidant enzymes.
* Copper (30%) – Component of many enzymes, facilitates iron uptake and electron transport in cells.
* Manganese (550%) – Assists in the utilization of B vitamins, protects nerve cells, antioxident properties.
* Chromium (5%) – Important in sugar metabolism
* Potassium (6%) – Important in neuron function, important in muscle contraction.

This is a pretty wide list. Many of these nutrients, like the B vitamin family, provide a key function for bodybuilders. I suggest you get the sample pack first to decide if this product is right for you.

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